Definitions for "Gasket"
Keywords:  seal, cork, watertight, asbestos, tight
Any ring or washer of made of a compressible material, used to make joints impermeable to fluids.
A static seal used to contain pressure and prevent leakage. Usually a flat, compressible material installed between two metal surfaces to ensure a good seal.
(r) a deformable material clamped between essentially stationary faces to prevent the passage of matter through an opening or joint.
Keywords:  furled, plaited, sail, stowed, tie
A line or band used to lash a furled sail securely. Sea gaskets are common lines; harbor gaskets are plaited and decorated lines or bands. Called also casket.
The plaited hemp used for packing a piston, as of the steam engine and its pumps.
Ties used to tie up the sails when they are furled.
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a simple little device