Definitions for "Extrusion"
The act of thrusting or pushing out; a driving out; expulsion.
In The Spinning Of Man-made Filaments, Fibre-forming Substances In The Plastic Or Molten State, Or In Solution, Are Forced Through The Holes Of A Spinneret Or Die At A Controlled Rate. There Are Five General Methods Of Spinning (extruding) Man-made Filaments, But Combinations Of These Methods May Be Used (see Dispersion Spinning, Dry Spinning, Melt Spinning, Reaction Spinning, And Wet Spinning)
The Process Of Forming Fibres By Forcing Materials Through Orifices.
Displacement of part of a seal into the extrusion gap under the action of fluid pressure or thermal expansion.
Distortion or flow under pressure of a portion of seal into clearance between mating metal parts.
Distortion or flow, under pressure, of portion of the seal into the clearance between two mating parts. Back-up rings can usually help this problem.
Pertaining to tooth movement in the direction of eruption. The tooth is mechanically pulled with an orthodontic appliance so that it extends further out of the gum.
the jutting of a tooth beyond it's correct position
eruption of viscous lava mass above the volcano vent.
An in vivo process where the single sporangiospore within a trichospore (sporangium) is expelled and attaches to the gut lining and initiates growth. Can also be induced in vitro. In the older literature also referred to as trichospore germination.
The creation of a three-dimensional object by pushing out a two-dimensional outline and giving it height, like a cookie-cutter. It is often used to create 3D text.
pushed or thrust out; projection
something that bulges out or is protuberant or projects from a form
modelling technique where 2D section is traversed along a spine to create a 3D volume
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Taking a flat, 2-D object and adding a z plane to expand it into 3-D space.
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The frame bar from which the window is manufactured.