Definitions for "Flexible"
Capable of being flexed or bent; admitting of being turned, bowed, or twisted, without breaking; pliable; yielding to pressure; not stiff or brittle.
Capable or being adapted or molded; plastic,; as, a flexible language.
Readily bent or deformed without permanent damage.
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Willing or ready to yield to the influence of others; not invincibly rigid or obstinate; tractable; manageable; ductile; easy and compliant; wavering.
Able to bend. Not stiff or rigid.
able to bend or adjustable Modern manufacturing systems should be flexible enough to cope with changing demands. flex (v), flexion (n)
making or willing to make concessions; "loneliness tore through him...whenever he thought of...even the compromising Louis du Tillet"
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Droops and dangles at leisure
A relatively new concept in mortgages. As the name implies the mortgage is a lot more flexible than traditional mortgages. It allows you to not make a mortgage payment for a month or two, to "borrow back" any overpayment at any time for any purpose, repay all or part of your loan at anytime without penalty and the interest is calculated on a daily basis on your outstanding mortgage loan (i.e. overpayments credited to your mortgage immediately resulting in huge savings).
Flexible mortgages are suitable for people whose income varies - the self-employed or those who work on a freelance basis. It allows you to make additional payments when you have cash available and reduce or miss payments in leaner times.
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or floating exchange rate system: a system in which exchange rates are determined by market forces, the law of supply and demand, without government interference
The ability to utilize a number of different labor allocations both in time and in skill, in order to meet bursts and gaps in demand in an effective manner.
The parties set their own schedule. Mediation permits parties to fashion remedies designed to fit the unique needs, values and circumstances of the parties, permitting "win/win" solutions. Mediation allows the parties to retain control of the situation and promotes communication and cooperation. The parties themselves decide the outcome (a win-win process).
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2 pole design enables use on flat and round material.