Definitions for "Floating"
The second coat of three-coat plastering.
Act of compacting and leveling a stucco basecoat; act of bringing the aggregate to the surface of finish-coat stucco. Also see Densify, Densification.
A method of aligning mortar with the float strips or screeds using a straight-edge. Also called dragging, pulling, or rodding off.
Charge A charge held over general assets of a company. The assets may change (such as stock) and the company can use the assets without the consent of the secured creditor until the charge "crystallises" (becomes fixed). Crystallisation occurs on the appointment of an administrative receiver, on the presentation of a winding-up petition or as otherwise provided for in the document creating the charge.
Time period determined by a season (High, Medium, or Low) and not considered a fixed week period. A floating week based on fixed rotation is the rotation of specific weeks among owners from year to year on a fixed schedule. Usually seen in fractional ownership interests and private residence clubs. A floating week based on ownership rotation is when an owner purchases week(s) and works out the vacation time with the other owners on a rotating basis each year.
Your timeshare week is not fixed. You reserve your time period within the appropriate season every year. Most resorts have a High, Medium, and Low Seasons. If you own a floating unit at a resort you may not in the same physical unit each year. Interval owners may request a specific unit and, if it is available for that specific week, the resort normally will honor there request. Floating week are based on a fixed rotation! This a type of timeshare ownership is when specific weeks rotate amongs owners from year to year on a fixed schedule. This is common with fractional ownership! Floating week based on ownership rotation - a type of ownership in which the owner purchases week(s) and works out the appropriate vacation time with the other owners on a rotating basis each year. Floating Week or Time (aka "flex" time): The owner of a floating week has the option to schedule their vacation interval every year around the week the choose based on availablity. A resort will often accept requests for specific weeks by the timeshare owner as soon as there yearly maintenance fees are paid.
The process of filing off sharp edges of a horse's teeth.
The procedure for filing down a horse's teeth. A horse's upper jaw is larger than his lower jaw, so the teeth do not rub together as he chews, allowing sharp points and ridges to form over time. A horse normally chews from side to side, so if the teeth have grown too long, he starts to chew up-and-down (less efficient) and drop food. This can lead to weight loss, digestive problems or colic. A horse's teeth should be floated once or twice a year. Consult your veterinarian for the proper schedule for your horse.
filing down sharp edges on a horse's molar teeth.
Characteristics of some pigments to separate from solution and migrate to the surface of pain film while still wet.
The process of “flooding” in which the final color is not uniform, i.e., it may be streaked, spotty or otherwise not uniform. This happens when two or more colored pigments are used together and one has atendency to float to the surface.
Tendency of pigment particles in a wet film to separate and concentrate in particular areas.
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Buoyed upon or in a fluid; a, the floating timbers of a wreck; floating motes in the air.
A circuit or device that is not connected to any source of potential or to ground.
Referring to a circuit which has no connection to ground.
Not funded; not fixed, invested, or determined; as, floating capital; a floating debt.
A floor that is not fixed in any way to the existing subfloor, the boards being fixed to each other to form a "wooden carpet"
Floating refers to an installation whereby the floor is attached to itself and not to the subfloor, thereby “floating” over a seamless cushioned vapor barrier. This method is suitable for any subfloor and is especially recommended for radiant heat or below grade installations. All floating installations use engineered flooring specifically designed to accommodate that method.
In web offset printing, the over-feeding of the web from one unit to the next or from the unit to the folder. It is called "floating" because there is not proper tension on the web, which can wander and flap around or "float" between units or between a unit and the folder.
A positive attribute that pertains to soundstaging in which the phantom images seem to exist independently of the loudspeaker positions, giving the impression that the speakers are absent. See "beyond-the-speakers imaging," "depth," "layering." Compare "flat," "vagueness," "wander."
Filling a liquid carefully on the top of another in a glass without mixing the ingredients (like in Pousse-Cafes)
Pouring a drink carefully so as to keep each ingredient in separate layers that do not mix with the others.
Floating in this context means slipping (back) into altered states. People who leave a cult or sect that emphasizes chanting, meditation, monotonous singing etc. in order to reach a trance-like state (such as Hare Krishna) often experience momentarily slipping back into such a state. This experience can be very disconcerting.
or boat mill- a large diameter undershot water wheel with its gears and machinery inside of a boat and the outboard bearing mounted on pontoon. Also known as an Hungarian Mill.
continually changing especially as from one abode or occupation to another; "a drifting double-dealer"; "the floating population"; "vagrant hippies of the sixties"
to transverse a river or stream by some type of watercraft while fishing, most commonly in a raft, canoe, or kayak.
The process of rendering oysters and scallops plump by placing them in fresh or brackish water; -- called also fattening, plumping, and laying out.
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Free or lose from the usual attachment; as, the floating ribs in man and some other animals.
(of a part of the body) not firmly connected; movable or out of normal position; "floating ribs are not connected with the sternum"; "a floating kidney"
are dreamers/ drifters/ intellectuals/ philosophers/ artists/ valued for their ideas/ not very practical
borne up by or suspended in a liquid; "the ship is still floating"; "floating logs"; "floating seaweed"
Suspending the burner with suspension and basket cables.
Freely suspending in water of an object.
The ability of a fastener to move in a direction parallel to the mounting panel and allow for mating hole misalignment.
inclined to move or be moved about; "a floating crap game"
Camcorder moves with the subject.
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Third album by the German progressive rock band Eloy. Released in 1974.
Passing water over the meadow through interleaved mains and drains.
the act of someone who floats on the water
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Floating Bridge Floating Pickup
Installation method in which individual boards are glued only at edges and end joints, without direct attachment to the sublfoor.
Floating threads. See Floating threads, above.
A length of warp yarn which passes over two or more weft threads (rather than intersecting with them) in a woven structure.
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Not locking in a rate, but rather choosing to float the interest rate as the market moves up or down.
Choosing not to lock the interest rate. Opposite of lock.
The term used when a purchaser elects not to lock-in an interest rate at the time of application.
Free determination of exchange rates based on supply and demand with no intervention on the part of the central bank.
When used in conjunction with an interest rate, it specifies that the rate has not yet been determined.
Free determination of rates based on supply and demand, for example exchange rates or interest rates.
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Term used to denote one side of an interest rate swap - the payments made on this side will vary over the life of the swap depending on some pre-defined market index such as Libor.
not definitely committed to a party or policy; "floating voters"
a condition where the voltage on a line relative to a reference point is not defined due to the lack of an electrical connection or due to very high source impedance
Term used to describe a script circulating the open market, not yet having been purchased.
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High on drugs.