Definitions for "Interest"
Interest measures the cost of borrowing money from a lender and is usually...
A fee paid for the use of money; a fee paid for a loan; -- usually reckoned as a percentage; as, interest at five per cent per annum on ten thousand dollars.
Money charged to a borrower by a lender for a loan or investment. Also refers to the return earned on funds that have been loaned or invested. The interest rate is normally a percentage of the debt over a period of time.
Participation in advantage, profit, and responsibility; share; portion; part; as, an interest in a brewery; he has parted with his interest in the stocks.
Advantage, personal or general; good, regarded as a selfish benefit; profit; benefit.
Any excess of advantage over and above an exact equivalent for what is given or rendered.
To engage the attention of; to awaken interest in; to excite emotion or passion in, in behalf of a person or thing; as, the subject did not interest him; to interest one in charitable work.
To be concerned with or engaged in; to affect; to concern; to excite; -- often used impersonally.
Excitement of feeling, whether pleasant or painful, accompanying special attention to some object; concern; a desire to learn more about a topic or engage often in an activity.
is a consideration which a person uses - often subconsciously - to form a solution to or a perspective about a problem. These are often referred to as the wants, hopes, needs, fears, assumptions, values or beliefs of the person that contribute to their view point or position on a problem.
The needs, desires, hopes and fears of the parties that lead them to take a particular position. The parties' interests serve as the motive for their positions. Back
interest - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
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How significant Summary deems the pattern of activity over the last 30 days.
Phrase at one time used in a marine insurance policy where it was doubtful whether the insured had an insurable interest (q.v.). By the Marine Insurance Act 1906, s.4, a policy made with these words is deemed to be a gaming or wagering contract and is void.
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A search dog's body language "shows interest" when she picks up a whiff of human scent. She will still have to "work it out" or "follow it up" to find the person.
Interest is a financial management system for personal investments. Interest can keep and analyze all transactions. It has chart and reporting features, price importing capabilities and a tree-like management of accounts grouped together in portfolios.
The default mortgage interest rates for our calculators
Return, generally expressed in yearly percentage, received for an investment. It can be interpreted in two ways:*Nominal interest: only present in explicit yield securities. It is equivalent to the coupon of the securities.*Effective interest: the rate which equals the invested capital to the current value of all amounts which will be received from the investment in the future. This is, therefore, the best measure of a security's return at the time of purchase.
a substantive, procedural, or psychological need of a party to a conflict.
The relationship of the assured, or reassured, to the subject matter exposed to risk.
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It may be of interest: I have to have some excuse for publishing it.
An owner of a Limited Liability Company is represented by interests. Analogous to the shares of a corporation.
Partial or total ownership of a Limited Liability Company. Analogous to the shares in a corporation.
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Interest Cap
The persons interested in any particular business or measure, taken collectively; as, the iron interest; the cotton interest.
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Interest deduction Interest equalization tax
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To cause or permit to share.
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Something a person is interested in