Definitions for "IRR"
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Internal Rate of Return. The rate of return that would make the present value...
Internal rate of interest, the rate at which the lender accounts for interest
The discount rate at which the net present value is zero.... more on: IRR
The ISO 4217 currency code for the Iranian Rial.
In currencies, this is the abbreviation for the Iranian Rial.
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Indian Reservation Roads. Public roads that are located within or provide access to an Indian reservation or Indian trust land or restricted Indian land which is not subject to fee title alienation without the approval of the Federal Government, or Indian and Alaska Native villages, group, or communities in which Indians and Alaskan Natives reside, whom the Secretary of the Interior has determined are eligible for services generally available to Indians under Federal laws specifically applicable to Indians. Roads on the BIA Road System are also IRR roads.
Individual ready reserve
Interim Road Rules - Suggest an Addition | - Suggest an Addition | - Suggest an Addition
Combined Echostar and JVC technology that incorporates a digital satellite receiver and digital video recorder in one unit. Late Fee: : Automatically assessed 45 days after a account's cycle date if their bill has not been paid in full.
A RAS message sent as an information request.
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Inner Relief Route
Investigative Records Repository
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Margin Marketable title
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IRR Irrational call option
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