Definitions for "Route"
The course or way which is traveled or passed, or is to be passed; a passing; a course; a road or path; a march.
A set of waypoints that define the intended path of travel.
Français : ITINÉRAIRE (COMMERCIAL) Deutsch : FAHRWEG, Fahrtverlauf, Fahrtroute An ordered list of POINTs defining one single path through the road (or rail) network. STOP POINTs, TIMING POINTs and POINTs of other types may be used to define this path uniquely. See also : LINE
A set of parameters predefined by SaHaR IT to facilitate routing of traffic between the Gateways/Gatekeepers controlled by an SaHaR IT Member either via ownership or via a partnership with the owner. Along with specifying other parameters, an SaHaR IT Member using the Routing Service assigns to a Route values specifying the details of both originating and terminating Gateways/Gatekeepers.
A set of parameters predefined by PC 2 Phone to facilitate routing of traffic between the Gateways/Gatekeepers controlled by a PC 2 Phone Member either via ownership or via a partnership with the owner. Along with specifying other parameters, a PC 2 Phone Member using the Gatekeeping Service assigns to a Route values specifying the details of both originating and terminating Gateways/Gatekeepers.
The process of assigning logical nets to physical wire segments in the FPGA that interconnect logic cells.
1. A customary or regular line of passage or travel. 2. The course or direction that a particular shipment moves. 3. To direct the routing of a shipment (and whose services shall be employed).
an established line of travel or access
divert in a specified direction; "divert the low voltage to the engine cylinders"
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A long race, usually a mile or more.
race distance of a mile or longer.
A long race, as opposed to a sprint.
a a set of addresses and the next hop used to send traffic to the addresses
a certain sequence of squares along which a piece moves, obeying the rules of the "big" game of chess as it does so
a sequence of bridge, LAN, bridge, LAN,
Route manipulates the kernel IP routing tables. Its primary use is to set up static routes to specific hosts or networks via an interface after it has been configured with the ifconfig(8) program. When the add or del options are used, route modifies the routing tables. Without these options, route displays the current contents of the routing tables. [fromthe man page] Keyword(s): network information, command
Use Route to display a submenu that contains two commands: Distribution and Workflow. These two commands let you define a workflow by creating a router. Distribution lets you create a simple distribution router and Workflow lets you create a complex workflow router using a graphical workflow mapper.
In Rail3D 2kD, every train is associated with a route name. This name is used to determine the direction the train will take at switches, and also whether it will stop at stations, and for how long. This corresponds closely to the way headcodes/train numbers are used on many railways.
General corridor between Downsview Station and Steeles Avenue, linking general subway station locations. These will be developed in Phase One and evaluated in Phase Two of the Environmental Assessment.
An established air passage, from the point of departure to the terminating station.
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an open way (generally public) for travel or transportation
The way up a rock face
A way to go, but not a trail or use-trail. Cairns may mark a route, or a route might run up a wash or across slickrock.
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The track along which goods are (to be) transported.
When the subunits move up to the FAP, each will move along a designated route. This is part of the briefing and will include possible "rally points." up
The simultaneous operation of a series of points along a designated section of your railway.
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The connection between a node generating an event and a node receiving an event.
A feature class in ArcInfo that is part of the route-system data model used to represent linear features. Routes are based on an arc coverage and are defined as an ordered set of sections. Because sections represent the portion of an arc used in a route, routes do not have to begin or end at nodes. The route attribute table (RAT) stores route attributes. See also route-system and route measure.
Also referred to as “pass pattern” (see Coaches' Tips section for graphic illustrations of GRFL patterns 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0).
A geographic section of a district in which a Courier is responsible for all pickups and deliveries.
a description of a geographical area or number of customer accounts covered by store employees.
Filter scoring the affinity of calls with the attached Restlet. The score is used by an associated Router in order to determine the most appropriate Restlet for a given call.
A layout or wiring of an electrical connection.
A layout or wiring of a connection
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To prearrange the sending of an item to the location to which it is to be sent.
send via a specific route
Sending a presentation via e-mail for others to view.
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a good grounding for doing a lot of different things," says Farrell
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A route usually refers to a trunk route. This is a collection of trunks which share many common characteristics, such as trunk type (for example, DID). On the Meridian 1, trunks must be associated with (belong to) a trunk route. Routes are configured in Overlay 16 on the Meridian 1/SL-1.
a group of turnouts and their specified positions that will be triggered by the activation of a single "TOP" switch address to a specified position.
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a long, complex journey
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a road, a big loss or a hole in the ground
the streets or roads where a particular letter carrier delivers the mail every day
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a perfect candidate
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a collection of points that tell you how to get from somewhere to somewhere else
A specific pattern which is run by a receiver in an effort to get open to catch a pass. Receivers must run a route on every play.
Multiple locations of vending machines that are serviced by one vending operator.
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a full trip, i
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a series of wires or nets from one pin to another on a circuit board
A series of designated holds that extend the full height of the climbing wall surface.
Used in this program as a synonym for Connector. A route assumes that the completion of activities also involves the movement of something (such as information) to successor activities.
Item status indicating the item is in transit between library locations.
The item is currently being transferred from one library to another.
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This is the pathway the signal takes.
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a set of continuous colored spaces (in some instances, gray spaces) between two adjacent cities on the map
A route determines which computers are accessible from yours across the network. A route has two parts separated by a colon; the network address and the machine address.
a collection of stops where a specific product is picked up and delivered to customers
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a user-defined connection from one channel (row, column, COM, NO, and so on) to another
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The actual route taken by IP packets on the Internet.
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a list to places to be visited, in a given order
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a group of one or more service lines of the same type