Definitions for "Adjacent"
Lying near, close, or contiguous; neighboring; bordering on; as, a field adjacent to the highway.
An expression to indicate proximity without actual abuttal. To lie near; close or contiguous; adjoining; near; in the neighbourhood or vicinity of.
Near to but not reaching or contacting.
Any two cities are considered adjacent if they are directly connected by a railroad or river (with no intervening city). You can switch railroads at a junction, so, for example, Centralia is adjacent to Indianapolis. (Exception: riverine interdiction.)
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(adj.): Two vertices v,v' of a graph are said to be ``adjacent'' [to each other] if {v,v'} is an edge of the graph.
Two vertices of a graph are adjacent if they are connected by an edge.
A television commercial that is scheduled immediately before or after a scheduled program. (Often referred to as an end break).
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Adjacent things are next to each other.
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Two nodes in a binary tree (see binary tree) are adjacent if one is the child of the other.
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Next to something else.
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Skill range that requires you to be right next to your target.
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Together, side by side
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parts that are next to each other
That which is adjacent.