Definitions for "Target "
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Objective, goal.
A butt or mark to shoot at, as for practice, or to test the accuracy of a firearm, or the force of a projectile.
The pattern or arrangement of a series of hits made by a marksman on a butt or mark; as, he made a good target.
The nucleic acid that is hybridized to the fixed probes on a microarray.
Free nucleic acid sample/protein/etc. whose identity and abundance is to be detected.
A DNA, RNA, or protein that is involved in a disease process and is a suitable target for therapeutic compound development.
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A payment system consisting of one real-time gross settlement (RTGS) system for each member state within the euro zone at the start of stage three of European economic and monetary union. The national RTGS systems are to be interconnected via the Interlinking mechanism to ensure same-day cross-border transfers throughout the euro zone. RTGS systems of EU member states outside the euro zone may also be connected to TARGET, provided they are able to process euros.
Trans-European Automated Real-Time Gross-Settlement Express Transfer - the wholesale same-day payment system for euros operated by the European Central Bank.
(Trans-European Automated Real-Time Gross Settlement Express Transfer System): A system, operated by the European Central Bank, linking national real time gross settlement (RTGS) systems, operated by central banks which are part of the euro system. It is used to settle crossborder interbank payments in euros.
a graphic or textual image (generally produced on a sheet of paper or cardstock) containing bibliographic and technical data about the materials being microfilmed as well as some of the conditions affecting the filming process
an aid to technical or bibliographical control, which is photographed on the film preceding or following a document or series of documents
A graphic or textual image generally produced on a sheet of paper or cardstock containing bibliographic and technical data about materials being microfilmed. Targets are filmed along with the library item and therefore enhance the user's understanding of the contents of the film. Targets contain such information as who created the film, how it was produced, which titles are on the reel, whether there are imperfections in the original text, etc. Brittle Materials and Reformatting
Biological molecule, e. g. an enzyme, which plays an important role in the genesis or development of a disease.
a biological molecule (e
a molecule involved in a disease process, a normal process one wishes to affect or a function essential for maintenance of a pathogen
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Target is an AJAX-enabled application that allows users to create and track one or more target areas. The target area can then be resized and moved to new locations on the image. With a right-click, the movement and resize history can be replayed with DHTML animation and AJAX.
Target is PHP and AJAX application that allows the user to create one or more target areas over an image. The target area can be moved and resized. All information is stored in MYSQL via AJAX. History can be replayed via AJAX and JavaScript animation.
A kind of small shield or buckler, used as a defensive weapon in war.
a type of circular shield
a round shield, mounted on the arm, used throughout history. Most targets were large (30 - 36”) and made of wood, but in the Renaissance, a smaller (24” diameter), steel version became popular.
(sc) the material to be sputtered during the sputtering process.
source material used during evaporation or deposition; In sputtering, typically in the form of high purity disc. In e-Beam evaporation, typically in the form of a crucible. In thermal evaporation, the source material is typically held in a boat which is heated resistively. learn more.
the metal source for a sputtering process. Targets are most commonly round-thick pieces of metal larger in diameter than the wafers on which the metal will be deposited. Targets are specially shaped to optimize deposition uniformity.
SCSI term that describes any device that performs I/O initiated by an initiator ( INIT).
A device (usually a peripheral) that responds to an operation requested by an initiator (usually a host system). Peripherals are targets, but for some commands (for example, a SCSI COPY command), the peripheral may need to act temporarily as an initiator.
A SCSI device that that receives I/O requests from another device (initiator).
The site or pest toward which control measure are being directed.
The target species is the organism which the pesticide is intended to control. Conversely, the non-target species are those which because they are either beneficial or harmless, are not to be killed by the pesticide.
Organism: The organism/s on which a particular pesticide is designed to act.
A material bombarded by any radiation, as the target is bombarded by electrons in an x-ray tube.
the target anode which is bombarded by a stream of electrons from a heated cathode in an X-ray tube; is used as one factor in calculating magnification ratios in cephalometry
A high melting point metal on the end of the anode of an X-ray tube on which the electron beam impinges and from which the primary beam of X-rays is emitted
Name for the destination node of a directed edge. See Also Directed, Edge.
See Destination.
a named destination-window where a (hyper) link is to open
a legal distinction that refers to a formal notification prosecutors give suspects about to be charged (from the LA Times)
a person as to whom the prosecutor or the grand jury has substantial evidence linking him or her to the commission of a crime and who, in the judgment of the prosecutor, is a putative defendant
a distribution (or set of distributions) created using ROCK Linux
A single component that you can monitor or configure with Enterprise Manager. Examples of a target include: Single Oracle 10 database Group of databases that provide your worldwide customers with product information Oracle Application Server or an instance of Oracle HTTP Server Web application that your customers visit to investigate or buy your products Sun Solaris host computer, including its memory, disks, and CPU Server load balancer switch that controls the Internet traffic for a set of Web servers Enterprise Manager can manage all these targets. A complete list of the target types you can manage is included in Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Installation and Basic Configuration.
A target, or target platform, is a combination of operating system and hardware for which software is shipped through ZENworks Linux Management services. For example, "Solaris 9 for UltraSPARC" and "Red Hat 9 for i386" are both target platforms.
Theater Analysis and Preplanning Graphical Execution Toolkit
a set of tasks that you want to be executed
a user who may receive a task message from the action during its execution
In the Tivoli environment, a Tivoli client on which a job or other activity is performed.
In an update definition, the DB2 table in which Tivoli Decision Support for OS/390 stores data from the source record or table.
In software distribution, a workstation on which the actions defined in a software package are executed. The Tivoli management agent must be installed on the workstation.
A blueprint for building a product from specified files in your project. It consists of a list of the necessary files and specifications on how to build them. Some common types of targets build frameworks, libraries, applications, and command-line tools.
a blueprint for creating a product
A target is a blueprint for building a product from specified resources in a project. It consists of a list of the necessary files the actions that need to be performed on them to generate a product.
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A prop (or position) which pinpoints a specific location for an animal to touch, approach, or follow, e.g. a trainer teaches a rhino to touch its lip to the end of a stick. Using this technique to shape a behavior is called "targeting."
The act of an animal touching a predetermined target, (spot, point or prop) with a designated body part.
The portion of the opponent's body which may be touched with the sword to score points.
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A target is the GPS coordinate of a place somewhere on Earth. Targets may represent a geocache, a waypoint, a place of interest, where you parked your car, and more. Targets have many details associated with them, including: an icon, a name, notes, the date/time the target was created, the date/time the target was most recently visited, and a checkbox indicating whether the target should be shown on the Navigation Mode screen. Targets in GeoNiche may belong to a category and/or may be assigned to a route. Assigning targets to a route is one of the more powerful features of GeoNiche because the "On-Route" and "Non-Route" buttons on the Targets Mode screen, filter the displayed targets by the route(s) that are checked and un-checked.
Common term for the protected learning time (training) sessions, undertaken on one afternoon per month by all practices in the PCT area. The term TARGET refers to the original scheme set up by GPs in Doncaster in 1999.
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Term of affection for a stray domestic animal (dog or cat) that could threaten one's flock. Dogs are the greatest problem. Cats may threaten chicks, but one that tries to tangle with a hen or roo will learn not to do it again.
A training device, such as a paper plate, small square of Plexiglas, washcloth, or plastic lid, used to focus a dogâ€(tm)s attention forward or down to a specific area. The target is designed to give the dog an immediate reward for focus.
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Target Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian company that operates over 250-store Target department stores in its chain. It is owned by Coles Group and its head office is located in North Geelong, Australia. It sells clothing, cosmetics, toys, homewares, electrical and electronics goods.
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Lets the user link to a specific place within a web page instead of just linking to the top of the document.
a link within a page
When you create a link you will need to "target" where and how that link opens up a new page. The default is to open it within the current window. If you create a link external to your site, you may want to set the target to _blank so that the link opens in a new window.
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A term that encompasses magnetic strips, RF tags, and RFID tags.
a fun place to play Hide-and-seek or tag
a "name tags" that is inserted into the document
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A tassel or pendent; also, a shred; tatter.
As agreed, desirable level of a performance or outcome indicator to be achieved by a specified date.
a measurable for achievement
a specific statement of the amount of improvement to be achieved and the date by which it is to be achieved
The target application is notified when a monitored resource reaches the condition for which notification was requested. For example, a target application could be MC/ServiceGuard or IT/Operations (ITO). U-Z
a person that has been notified he or she is the subject of a specific criminal investigation
The name of a browser window or frame that displays an HTML document.
3.2 || IE ||| Required? No Description: This attribute specifies the named frame for the browser to display the form results after the user submits information to a processing script. Values: The TARGET reserved names apply.
3.2|] [ X1| X1.1] [ IE4|| N7|] Standards Details: In Transitional and Frameset HTML 4.x/XHTML 1.0 DTDs only. Dropped in XHTML 1.1. Required? No Description: This attribute specifies the named frame for the browser to display the linked resource if activated by the system or user. Values: The TARGET reserved names apply.
a fixed place where students place SourceItems to complete a task
Several components of the Escendency system can be described as targets: action plans, action plan tasks, performance targets, and (optional) a measurable strategy map item named 'Target' and associated with a performance target and peformance indicator.
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The enemy you are attacking, or the enemy or ally on which you wish to cast a spell. A term used in skill descriptions to indicate that the skill is “targeted,” i.e., that the caster must click on a target enemy or ally before casting.
The Buddy, skill or ability that a skill is affecting. If a skill requires you to select a target, you must select the target before resolving the skill. A targeted skill will have "target" in the skill descripion.
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A submarine.
Keywords:  grism, galex, spacecraft, command, ais
a collection of commands specified in the build script
a member that evaluates to either a Command, or a function that eventually returns "Command"
An area of sky observed by GALEX together with the spacecraft-motion and instrument commands used for that observation. Note that because the commanded spacecraft motion can be complex, a target can have a complex shape. In particular, All-sky Imaging Survey (AIS) targets are composed of several separate pointings, which may or may not overlap. Also note that the same geometric part of the sky (see Primary Tile) may be observed in both direct and grism modes, making two targets. A target can be roughly described as a primary tile plus an optical wheel setting. Targets may overlap one another. Most targets will consist of a single, roughly-circular, 1.25 degree diameter GALEX field of view, or, for AIS targets, a series of overlapping fields of view.
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The receiver for whom a pass was intended.
noun: the woman in a group whom the pickup artist desires and is running game on. Origin: Mystery.
the people we monitor; all of whom are politicians [see Profiled politician
a resource or service that helps satisfy user's information need
A DPML construct. The target is the XML resource in which the results of a processing instruction will be placed.
Deprecated Shibboleth term for Resource
The target is the target system we are going to run the final program on. In this class, the target is usually the HCS12 microcontroller on the Dragon12 board, though sometimes the target is the Code Warrior Simulator.
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a keyword, keywords, or URL
vendor receiving URLs from UC-eLinks at this time most of UC-eLinks targets are full text providers the MELVYL Catalog and Request are also targets for UC-eLinks
see Anchor; URL
A company suitable for takeover is described as a target.
A corporation that is the focus of a takeover attempt.
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Any spot on the lane, including the pins, that a bowler looks while delivering the ball.
Where on the bowling lane the bowler is looking to place the ball.
An address written over a victim in a module during relocation. For a dynamic link this is an address, direct, or indirect, of an export from another module. See victim.
The person or thing an offender attacks, takes, or harms (see Victim) , , 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 20, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 34, 35, 38, 39, 41, 44, 47, 48, 49, 52, 54, 58
"Target" is a song by British band Embrace and is featured on their fifth album, This New Day. It was released 11 September 2006 as the follow up to the bands official World Cup 2006 Anthem.
The number of times a receiver is thrown to during a game.
a personal email address that receives email that is relayed through an Emailias
a weblog that will receive the replicated posts
The sliding crosspiece, or vane, on a leveling staff.
Describes the high-level classification of the deliverable fixed.
In this EIS, a tube of material placed in a reactor to absorb neutrons and be changed to a desired end product.
Represents the desired result of a performance measure. Targets make meaningful the results derived from measurement and provide organizations with feedback regarding performance.
A desired area of the court or specific player toward which the ball is directed.
A system, a program within a system, or a device that interprets, rejects, or satisfies, and replies to requests received from a source. Contrast with source (page ***).
In advanced program-to-program communications, the program or system to which a request for processing is sent.
A term to distinguish the role of individual transaction programs and LUs of a pair with respect to a conversation. The target is the transaction program (or its LU) towards which the source TP or LU directs the conversation. See also source.
A target can be thought of as a device such as a disk array or network adapter.
A target is the device to which the initiator sends data. Most commonly the target is the storage array, but the term also applies to bridges, tape libraries, tape drives or other devices.
1. (of a constructed stream constituent of the constructed stream. The target of a synonym stream is the value of its synonym stream symbol. 2. (of a displaced array) the array to which the displaced array is displaced. (In the case of a chain of constructed streams or displaced arrays, the unqualified term " target" always refers to the immediate target of the first item in the chain, not the immediate target of the last item.)
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A word to the left of the operator on a dependency line. More generally, any file that PMake might create. A file may be (and often is) both a target and a source (what it is depends on how PMake is looking at it at the time - sort of like the wave/particle duality of light, you know).
A thin cut; a slice; specif., of lamb, a piece consisting of the neck and breast joints.
a specific instance of LinuxBIOS for a motherboard
Specification of sort responsibility.
popupid: target](Mapping) The process of indirectly Trigger ing another Entity. See Also: Half-Life trigger entities.
How many of your population you expect will change based on your initiative. For example, do you expect 80% of students in a school to improve in some way? Or do you expect to find jobs for 100 residents? As with all components of indicators, your target for your long-term outcome should be set by combining your vision for change with a realistic assessment of your resources. Targets for all other outcomes should be based on how many people need to change in order for it to be enough for the next outcome in the pathway to occur. For example, if only 20 people take a literacy class, would you be able to raise overall literacy rates in your community by the amount you want
an analyst's determination of the price a stock is expected to reach at a particular date in time in the future.
Expected results in policy deployment approach.
The computer system which will be used later in you application environment, for instance an Embedded System. In many cases it has a different architecture and much more limited resoucres than a typical Host system, so it is often not possible to develop the software directly (native) on this system.
The embedded system under development. USAGE: This term is never used to describe a finished product. During development, the embedded system (for which the software is being developed) is normally called the target to distinguish it from the host system (where the software is being developed). This distinction is necessary, in part, because the host might also be capable of executing the software under development—either directly or in a simulator.
A curve based on an audiogram and a prescription strategy presenting the theoretically optimum response that a hearing aid should have for a particular hearing loss.
Keywords:  fencer, score, legitimate, batting, win
The area of the fencer's body which is specified by the rules as legitimate scoring surface.
the number of runs the side batting last needs to score in the final innings of a match to win.
an interval on the Y axis of a chart equivalent to the measurement distance of a pattern indicating the price of a stock or the level of and index which may be expected as the minimum change following a breakout from a valid geometric pattern
Any document or chart containing identification information, coding or test charts.
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See: alias target
See endpoint.
See clipboard target.
A total sum of money and manpower, established by the Financial Management Board as part of the budget process, limiting the total Departmental Main Estimates.
Another name for bipolar, particular when used in stories about encounters with police or federal air marshals.
Keywords:  flange, tee, bull, erosion, blind
a bull plug or blind flange at the end of a tee to prevent erosion at a point where change in flow direction occurs.
a point which the server can direct the output report to
Any metallic item sensed by a detector
Targets are the features being studied in a remote sensing image. (Related words: backscatter, reflection)
Keywords:  hit, flips, prone, centimeters, silver
the location of the target that is to be hit
metal target sizes are 4.5 inches (11.5 centimeters) in diameter for standing targets and silver-dollar size (4.5 centimeters) for prone targets. On a hit, a white metal plate flips up and covers the black target
a subset of all classes that an application under investigation contains
a subset of the database, or more generally a subset of the base, against which you can run reports
Those listeners/viewers who are deemed to be the best prospects for an advertiser's product/service. Also known as Target Group, Target Audience, Target Market, Demo and Demographic.
an important aspect of various methods of mtDNA testing
In the context of testing, the portion og the original to be scanned.
The database into which data will be loaded from a source database or file; the data store that is accessed by the users.
a specific database
A piece of software responsible for passing requests from an Origin to the database on top of which it sits. The term might also be applied to the database itself or to the computer on which it resides. More commonly known outside the Z39.50 community as a 'server'.
Holds the intermediate or final results of any part of the ETL process. The target of the entire ETL process is the data warehouse. See Also: data warehouse and ETL
A target is another word for "architecture" or device type, ie, "Daily builds for iRiver targets can be downloaded over there".
Keywords:  clue, 'brick, five, numbers
a number and 'BRICK' has five numbers as clue
A person who is the subject of criticism or ridicule.
A conspicuous disk attached to a switch lever to show its position, or for use as a signal.
In the context of access control, the target identifies the directory information to which a particular ACI applies.
a geographical area, complex, or installation planned for capture or destruction by military forces
a location where packages are installed, a directory where the packages you want to install are placed when they're downloaded from the repository
For Network Installation Management, the client you are installing.
A symmetrical pattern in high contrast to the background against which it is placed, it is used in locating and working with a specific control point from an aircraft and especially with its corresponding image in an aerial photograph.
a individual world health organization the source is trying to convince of something
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A named location on a Web page intended to provide the user with a quick way to jump around among the various topics on a Web page. Formally called Targets.
What an organization states as its intended results for a program or service.
Keywords:  amp, event, focus, sub, rare
a state sub space where a rare event
An item that is the focus of an AMP task (e.g., person, place, thing, event).
Keywords:  adviced, class
a class that is being adviced
Keywords:  flag, scene, going
a Flag, specifically about what THIS scene is going to be about
Keywords:  basket, pole, round, metal
a round metal basket on a pole
Keywords:  solved, worker, downloaded, lot, needed
A target (or targetfile) is needed by some jobs. Usually a job needs some small bits of information to be solved, but sometimes it needs a lot more information. In these cases the information are put into a target file, which is downloaded by each client and then given to the worker.
In the Z39.50 standard, the term "target" refers to the application that responds to requests from a Z–client. For ease of understanding, this document uses the term "Z–server."
a short way of stating the conclusion of a complex thought process
Keywords:  shorter, assumption, term
a shorter term for target assumption.
Keywords:  argument, clean, word
a word that can be put as argument of make like "all" or "clean"
Keywords:  hyperlink, clicks, opens, user, page
Page that opens then a user clicks the hyperlink.
Keywords:  statute, foreign, agent, defined, power
an agent of a foreign power as defined by the statute
Keywords:  literal, string, edited, file, method
a literal string and is normally a file name
A method of referring to some part of the file being edited.
A physical paper target with a reference image used for determining the color response of a scanner.
a specific aspect of a disease that a chemical compound might be able to modify
Any window that matches the targeting parameters defined by you.
a generalized output device that is capable of doing graphics output
Keywords:  detected, piece, part
the part or piece being detected.
Keywords:  board, see
See target board.
Keywords:  display, appear, top, page, area
an area on a web page that you would like to have appear at the top of the display
Keywords:  project, build, result
The result of a project build.
Keywords:  ends, surface, blood
the surface where the blood ends up
Keywords:  single, page, generation
a single page for generation
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See Service Provider.