Definitions for "Command"
To order with authority; to lay injunction upon; to direct; to bid; to charge.
To direct to come; to bestow.
An authoritative order requiring obedience; a mandate; an injunction.
To exercise direct authority over; to have control of; to have at one's disposal; to lead.
To have power or influence of the nature of authority over; to obtain as if by ordering; to receive as a due; to challenge; to claim; as, justice commands the respect and affections of the people; the best goods command the best price.
To have or to exercise direct authority; to govern; to sway; to influence; to give an order or orders.
In the Enterprise Access Builder, the representation of a single interaction with a host system. A command is a composite, the main elements being connection specification, interaction specification, input bean, and output bean. You can construct a command in the Visual Composition Editor, or by using the Command Composer SmartGuide.
a function with a short name for use by users in interacting with Lisp's read-eval-print loop
a Lisp function which may be called interactively, that is, either as a result of being bound to an input event
Designated words and abbreviations of words that signal the sevice what to do. Send commands and the system carries out the request.
a list of words separated by whitespace
a sequence of characters in the syntax of the shell language
To have within a sphere of control, influence, access, or vision; to dominate by position; to guard; to overlook.
Power to dominate, command, or overlook by means of position; scope of vision; survey.
look down on; "The villa dominates the town"
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a command is an InteractiveFunction; ‘M-x’ and
Authority; power or right of control; leadership; as, the forces under his command.
One or more cards (units and leaders) arranged together on the board, but separate from other commands, able to attack and defend as a single entity. A lone unit is a command by itself. A subcommand is not a command. For more details, see the rules under Leadership.
An abstraction standing for the concept of of the command. In this paper, "Close Window" and Copy to Clipboard are commands. This is in contrast to the idea of executing the command, an idea for which this paper has no special term.
The name of a program and any arguments you specify to that program to cause its behavior to change. You might see the term command used instead of the term utility for simple commands, where only the program name to execute is given.
The name of an executable program or other software command
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Therefore thou shalt love the LORD thy God, and keep his charge, and his statutes, and his judgments, and his commandments, alway.
an abstract representation for some semantic behaviour
a normal funtion with some additional special behaviour, which allows make
a syntactic sentence type in a language that is used primarily to express such illocutionary acts, and is described as having imperative form
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a LOGiiX script
availability for use; "the materials at the command of the potters grew"
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A group of elements controlled by a general. Each element must be part of one of these commands, and cannot be transferred to a different command. Depending on the number of generals your army has, you may have 2 to 4 commands.
be in command of; "The general commanded a huge army"
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See: Comedi command
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height of an earthwork above grade.
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NCL: Same as an NCL statement.
Statement presented by a human and accepted by a computer in such a manner as to make the human feel as if he is in control.
a list of name/value pairs, which include all necessary variable information required to accomplish a specific, clearly defined task
a utility that performs a single task on the registry
A short program designed for a specific task.
a single character
a single line of keywords, locus names and/or variable values
a single order
(a.k.a. modifier) An operation that effects some change to the system (for example, setting a variable). An operation that intentionally creates a side effect.
an operation which may be invoked
A command line in Run Command on Workstation jobs that runs a program on target clients. A command can be used to install a package (such as the Microsoft Excel application) or only to run a program (such as a virus scan tool).
(computer science) a line of code written as part of a computer program
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a discriminated union
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To have a view, as from a superior position.
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a String and Object pair
a string that is ended by a space
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a convenient way to create a variable
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Starts a new instance of the MS-DOS command interpreter.
a line that starts with a period
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a series of symbols
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a data transfer between the computer (the host ) and one disk on one bus
great skillfulness and knowledge of some subject or activity; "a good command of French"
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a synonym for READ DATA
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a block of code that we give a name and also specify how many parameters it needs to be passed
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a built in DOS function that helps you manage files
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a letter on a line in a text file
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a first-class object
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A specific order in a system, such as open a browser.
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See also: message.