Definitions for "Parameters"
The arguments to a program accessed via clio from the cl.
Values passed as arguments to OpenGL commands. Sometimes parameters are passed by reference to an OpenGL command.
Limits for a command. Back to the Top Back to the Top
Variables that dictate the behavior of functions.
Variables not in the data, but in the model (eg. distribution, line of best fit) which describes it, eg. mean, gradient, standard deviation.
(p. 5) values of constants in a model. For example, birth rates and death rates are parameters. Models are essentially a bunch of variables and parameters set up in equations. Variables generally change, parameters generally don't.
A set of values used to filter the data being retrieved from a data source at run time. In ActiveReports, parameters can be used to link a subreport to the parent report.
Numerical values summarizing population data.
Measurements of attributes of a population.
The way one interacts with a manager is through parameters, samplers, and manager methods. Parameters are most often items that allow you to configure a device (e.g., flip a switch, set an attenuator, set an integration time). Sometimes, parameters provide information about a manager (e.g., the state or status of a manager; how much time is left in an observation).
The TNC used in a digital system has various setting which must be programmed by the operator to obtain the best performance for its particular function. These setting are called parameters and are different for each use, e.g. user station, node, etc. Back
Conditions, guidelines, settings.
Control the behavior of the line administration component instance. All instances support the Std_MsgSetParm message and Std_MsgGetParm messages to allow their parameters to be set and read, which can be done while the instance is active or idle.
Photomatic storyboards Precedence diagram
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an independent problem of creating a SYGMA metalanguage which is not considered in this paper
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Phaos POD preferences provider
Parameters can be used to alter the presentation of specific items, menu's or modules.
Settings used to alter the presentation of specific items, menus or modules.
User-derived values used to set the boundaries of an algorithm.
Parameters are the boundaries of your search. For example, you can search for journal articles only in the English language or only published in the last five years.
a limit or boundary which defines the scope of a particular process or activity
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Units MCL Our Average Range
to work within given limits.
Fixed measurable factors that establish and limit how something must be done.
factors or limits which affect the way something is done or made
Criteria needed to run a report or define a search.
Selection criteria used for building On-Demand Reports.
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Extra information sent to a Java applet when it runs that is included using an HTML tag on a World Wide Web page.
the substances, organisms and properties listed in Schedule 2 and regulation 3 of the Regulations.
Restrictions affecting the design of a product or system (e.g., size, cost, materials).