Definitions for "distribution"
The set of activities which ensure the availability of goods in the desired quality, quantity, place and time for the customer. See also: Physical Distribution
A chain of delivery from a manufacturer to a store.
Arrangements for getting goods to consumers, involving national distributors, wholesalers, retailers, dealers and agents. When exclusive rights are granted, competition may be damaged.
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A collection of files, extensions and bundles, all distributed together.
Linux, being an open source system that's open to modular building, has many different 'versions', in which the basic kernel and system files are packaged in new surroundings, interfaces and driver sets etc. These new packages are known as distributions. See the distributions page for a list of some of the more popular ones.
A distribution is usually the way in which some "vendor" ships operating system CDs (usually mentioned in the context of Linux). A Linux environment can be shipped in lots of different configurations: e.g. distributions could be built to be suitable for games, scientific applications, server operation, desktop systems, etc.
If a company pays money (or other assets) to its shareholders, it is making a distribution. When a company pays a dividend it is making a distribution.
The regular payment of dividends and other income and realized capital gains from fund investments.
The payment of a dividend or capital gain. Also, a company's allocation of income and expenses among its various accounts. Also, handing out assets to beneficiaries of an estate. Also, the sale of a large amount of stock by a single entity over a period of time rather than all at once, to avoid adversely affecting its market price. opposite of accumulation. see also allotment, excess distribution, required minimum distribution, payable date.
Payments from a fund or DRP.
Money you withdraw from your health savings accout (HSA). Withdrawals can be made in a variety of ways, including by using your HSA debit card or checkbook.
The amount you withdraw from your FSSP Retirement and/or Savings Accounts any time after you retire and/or terminate employment.
The act of distributing or dispensing; the act of dividing or apportioning among several or many; apportionment; as, the distribution of an estate among heirs or children.
division or dispensement of portions
the act of distributing or spreading or apportioning
The measure of how often something (for example, an age or a hair color) is found in the group being studied; or the range of those measures.
The spatial range of a species, usually on a geographic but sometimes on a smaller scale, or the arrangement or spatial pattern of a species over its habitat
the spread or arrangement of natural or cultural phenomena (in terms of geographic areas, economic groupings, or social classes); in a narrower sense, the extent to which different groups or individuals share in the total production or wealth of a community
Function measuring the probability density of an event using a log-normal law; incremental changes of stock prices are almost log-normally distributed.
Function measuring the probability density of an event using the famous bell-shaped curve; incremental changes of bond prices are sometimes normally distributed.
A graph plotting probability against values. There are some typical shapes: normal, uniform, exponential. The normal distribution (bell-shaped) is the most common. See also Normal distribution, population distribution, null distribution.
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(1) the number of cards in each suit held by one player; [5=4=3=1 distribution = five spades, four hearts, one diamond and three clubs](2) the number of cards of a particular suit held by each player;(slang) the lie of the adversely held cards.
1) The number of cards in each suit in a player's hand, usually expressed as a series of 4 numbers. A distribution of 4 - 6 - 2 - 1 means 4 spades, 6 hearts, 2 diamonds, and 1 club. Sometimes also called a "Hand pattern". 2) The number of cards in one suit as distributed in four (or two) hands, expressed as series of 4 (2) numbers. 3) The degree to which a player's hand consists of particularly long and short suits.
an allocation of cards into suits. Most often, "distribution" means hand pattern, that is, the number of cards in each suit in the hand. For example, 4-3-3-3 is a distribution. Sometimes, it means the distribution of one suit within two unseen hands. E.g., "The spades were distributed 3-2."
Either the payment or collections to a family or the allotment of various portions of the collections to the state and federal government for reimbursement expended for a child in Foster Care.
application of the allocated collection to the IV-D retained and/or payable accounts according to federal regulations based on assignment of rights to support, continued services, and application for services, such as: Current support applied against and retained for reimbursement of IV-A public assistance paid and foster care maintenance payments. Creation of the liability to pay to the family non-assigned current support or arrears payments. Retention of arrears collection to reimburse past public assistance or maintenance payments. Other IV-D accounts include but are not limited to over collect payments to noncustodial parent, prepay, excess over grant, excess over Unreimbursed Maintenance Payments
The allocation of child support collected to the various types of debt within a child support case, as specified in 45 CFR 302.51, (e.g., monthly support obligations, arrears, ordered arrears, etc.).
In a securities offering, a PUBLIC OFFERING of securities of an ISSUER, whether by an UNDERWRITER, STATUTORY UNDERWRITER, or by the issuer itself. See also CONTROLLED OFFERING, UNCONTROLLED OFFERING.
the transfer of cash or securities to a limited partner resulting from the sale, liquidation or IPO of one or more portfolio companies in which a general partner chose to invest.
Distribution is part of the security underwriting process. The aim of distribution is to sell a large lot of a security at a set price. If it's part of an IPO the aim is to realise the set price and so achieve the amount of funds the issuer wants to raise. If it's a distribution of a security in which there is already a secondary market, the aim of the distribution is to sell the security, and raise the required funds, without disproportionately influencing the secondary market price.
a "See-Through" Trust , by Beverly R
The amount paid or credited to the beneficiaries of the trust. The payment may be in the form of cash or property based upon the terms of the trust.
A payment made to unitholders on a regular basis, ususally monthly, based on the number of units they hold. The distribution is paid as a portion of the cash flow generated by the Trusts's business activities. Most trusts are under no legal obligation to pay distributions and the amount paid may fluctuate.
In pharmacokinetics, the processes that control transfer of a drug from the site of measurement to its target and other tissues.
Distribution in pharmacology is a branch of pharmacokinetics describing reversible transfer of drug from one location to another within the body.
a collection of measurements; how scores tend to be dispersed about a measurement scale.
Refers to how members of a designated group are spread or dispersed (in terms of percentages) among regions, sectors, occupational groups, salary ranges, etc. For example, if we said that "Women are distributed evenly among the four industrial sectors in the workforce under the Act", it would mean that 25% of all women in the workforce are found in each of the sectors.
the degree to which a mixture of different ingredients has been made homogeneous, like mixing black sand and white sand to a perfectly even gray mixture; good dispersion & distribution produce more consistent rubber with better properties
The process of storing, handling, shipping, and transporting goods. Also the term used to describe the facilities that enable these activities, e.g. distribution center, distribution warehouse.
A warehousing service that breaks large consignments into smaller orders for shipping.
The activities associated with the movement of material—usually finished goods or service parts—from the manufacturer to the customer. Can include the following: assembly, transportation, warehousing, inventory control, material handling, order administration, site and location analysis, industrial packaging, data processing, and the communications network necessary for effective management.
The locations of individuals in a population, for example, how close together the individuals are or how widespread they are in a state, country or continent.
The productive activity of getting produced goods from the factory into the hands of consumers. The amounts of income or wealth in the hands of different portions of a population.
the commercial activity of transporting and selling goods from a producer to a consumer
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The act or process of distributing gas from the city gas or plant that portion of utility plant used for the purpose of delivering gas from the city gate or plant to the consumers, or to expenses relating to the operating and maintenance of distribution plant.
Delivering an ASF stream from one server to another. Distribution serves many purposes, such as: Distributing a stream to another server, which then unicasts the stream, allowing clients in a part of the network that is not enabled for multicasts to receive the stream. Distributing a stream to a server that is enabled for HTTP streaming. This allows users behind a firewall to receive a stream that they otherwise would not be able to receive. Distributing a stream from one Windows Media server to another Windows Media server, in order to create more unicast streams. For example, if you have reached the maximum number of unicast streams for a server, you can send a stream to another server, which then can unicast that stream to more clients.
generally considered to be the act of delivering less-than-truckload shipments within a city or an area beyond.
a Malian export company dealing with Gold, Aluminium, Copper , Yellow brass, Casting, Iron scraps, Lead scraps etc See All Leads from this company Select MINJUNG CO
(Casting) which includes also managing the network
The process by which demand is more than compensated for by expanding supply. Over a period of time, increasing supply has a negative effect on the price of a stock. Stocks under distribution are often signaled by broadening, rounding, or double or triple tops.
Institutional selling of specific stocks or the overall market. A distribution day is identified as having volume above the previous day's volume accompanied by a decrease in price.
This is another way of saying: professional selling. A stock is under distribution when volume expands on days when price moves down.
The rights to market and distribute the finished film to different exhibitors for a fee.
One of the three branches of the film industry; the process of supplying the finished film to the places where it will be shown. See also exhibition, production.
process by which prints of a film are sent to theaters for exhibition.
In relation to copyright law, the exclusive right of the copyright holder to sell, trade, lease, lend, or otherwise transfer material from one entity to another.
in terms of copyright law, the term refers to the exclusive right of the copyrightholder to sell, trade, rent, lease, lend or otherwise transfer material from one entity to another.
Context is: trade term. The dissemination of goods and services in a market through the ordinary channels of trade. See also Export Promotion; Market; Sales Tax; Technology; Trade Fair.
To place promotional material, e.g. fliers or posters, throughout areas where they will be picked up.
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a chronilogical event
Develops after a price rise where so-called smart money is expecting a decline and sells to uninformed or unknowledgeable buyers who are not.
Selling a large lot of a security in such a way that the security price is not heavily influenced.
The process of bringing a TV signal to the ultimate viewer, possibly via some intermediate points or stages. Radio Frequency emission of a TV Signal is an example of a distribution stage but not the complete chain.
a collection of files or SSPs, and a channel can be compared to a television channel--the viewer selects a TV channel and sees whatever program is being broadcast
A distribution is a technical effort involving one or more people potentially working in either an open or closed manner; the specific outcome of a distribution is to assemble the technical artifacts produced by one or more consolidations and, optionally, one or moreprojects into a coherent collection capable of performing a meaningful subset of the set of features typically associated with an application of the given class. The distribution may also include contributions of its own generation, or from other sources. The distribution's focus is to be a publication mechanism of an artifact intended for a User. The distribution membership is typically composed of contributors, although distributions using a non-open process need not include any actual contributors. The output of a distribution producing a software artifact is minimally expected to be an executable form of that artifact.
Measures how quickly a threat is able to spread.
The distribution of a dermatosis refers to how the skin lesions are scattered or spread out. Skin lesions may be isolated (solitary or single) or multiple. The localisation of multiple lesions in certain regions helps diagnosis, as skin diseases tend to have characteristic distributions. What is the extent of the eruption and its pattern
President Jackson, who generally held to Jeffersonian views of states' rights and limited government, suggested that once the federal debt was paid off, the surplus revenues of the federal government should be distributed among the states.
the spatial property of being scattered about over an area or volume
A spatial or temporal array of objects or events.
The strategic placement of outdoor units across a market.
Location of outdoor media structures within a given market, relative to exposure potential.
The physical location of the individual advertising structures within a market relative to exposure potential.
The sale of aftermarket or replacement parts.
The sale of a block of securities to a number of i... Add a comment
A way to limit where your Usenet postings go. Handy for such things as "for sale" messages or discussions of regional politics.
The steps or operations by which steam is supplied to and withdrawn from the cylinder at each stroke of the piston; viz., admission, suppression or cutting off, release or exhaust, and compression of exhaust steam prior to the next admission.
When a debtor's nonexempt assets are distributed among the debtor's creditors.
The payment to creditors of money generated by the liquidation of a debtor's property.
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Moving out items to weaker hands....
a process to move items from one Sytadel system to another, complete with all their dependent items. draft - to be completed
The payment of your benefits to you (or your beneficiary) from your plan. Distribution can occur at once, in a lump sum, or over a period of time.
The transfer of funds or other assets from a trust or estate to beneficiaries named in the testamentary document at the dates and in the amounts specified under in the terms of the document or court order.
Payment from a qualified or non-qualified plan made to a participant or participant's beneficiary.
a set of Perl modules and programs which demonstrate the creation, validation, transmission, processing, parsing, and manipulation of OTA messages
The allocation or dividing up of the goods and services a society produces. View Capstone Lesson(s) that address this concept
The physical path and legal title that goods and services take between production and consumption.
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quantitative interview
Code which specifically identifies the pickup points (e.g., dorms) of checks AND earnings statements.
There are various possibilities how a virus can distribute itself. In the past floppy disks have been the most oftenly used way of distribution - today, emails take their place. Most significant difference : speed of distribution.
In private placements these are the rights to a percentage of a net profit from a business activity, purchased with investment funds. The distribution ‘stream’ is all that is purchased and there is no lump sum repayment of principal as in the ‘yield’ on a debenture.
Getting your film seen by more than your family. Distribution refer to any form of distribution such as, having a film print made, internet streaming, or festival screenings – any way that you can get it out there is distribution.
a native executable that launches your installer
The distribution refers to the native or main source of supply of a particular species.
The way the oven distributes microwaves in the cooking cavity. There are three types: single emission (where one port shoots the microwaves), dual (two ports) or multiple (three or more).
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Pr(Xx), or cumulative density.
Search engines, directories and pay-for-placement providers enter deals with portals and other Web sites to distribute their search results to those sites. Also sometimes called syndication.
Two syntactic items have the same distribution if they can be substituted for each other in the same context within a sentence.
Separation into parts or classes; arrangement of anything into parts; disposition; classification.
in recording data, the way in which values in the set of observations are arranged.
a book-length set of individual, specialized topics arranged into a single, book-like structure
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"distribution" is a message and data processing tool. It allows to process information through a graph of processors. It may be used to build mailing lists, fax gateways, email filters, PDF mailing combinators, report systems and many other processes
The act or process of distributing cargo to its various destinations.
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Distribution denotes different locations in space. source: EU-P103 - PIR2.3 domain: General usage: EU-P103
The manner in which a sprinkler applies water to the irrigated area.
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a great honor
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The region inhabited by an organism
a set of programs that come packaged together on a CD-ROM or for downloading on the internet
a set of software packages that are tested and provided by a company for a small fee usually in a CD just like Windows
Copying a file or software package to multiple Client systems.
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at the end of the probate process, the assets (money) are given to the heirs who are entitled.
a macro-level description of what emerges from micro-level interactions
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a set of all classes bundled up along with their support files (test scripts, examples, doc, etc
Portion of the telephone cabling plant that connects subscribers to feeder cables from the CO.
A descriptive statistical tool used to display the spread of a set of data.
See statistical distribution.
Legal means by which personal property of an intestate is distributed.
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A distributed term in a proposition is one modified by All, or No. ( Study 1)
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a number of sub-queries where each sub-query allows only bugs that have a certain value in that field
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an OBJECT with a MEANING containing (SGML meaning) OBJECTS
Distribution is the process of determining how a payment should be applied. In child support matters, distribution refers to ensuring the appropriate individual or agency receives the correct amount of payment. Most often, a payment is distributed or divided between the state, the client and other parties who have judgments against the payment. Distribution is affected by such factors as the client's PA status, PA history, payment source, and timing of the payment. Distribution rules are governed by federal regulations and are modified to meet state statutes and agency policy.
Payment in cash or asset(s) to one who is entitled to receive it.
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a compressed tar file
Each degree requires completion of course work in specific learning areas: arts and humanities, science and mathematics, and social and behavioral sciences. These requirements provide students with a broad exposure to the humanities and sciences. To fulfill the requirements, students may choose from a wide variety of subject fields within each learning area.
in economics, refers to the division of a community's income among its members; in marketing, moving goods to outlets where they are sold.
The amount of potential variation in the outputs of a process, typically expressed by its shape, average or standard deviation.
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a collection of files that make up part of the operating system, sort of like separate components that can be added individually
a critical part of IS-IS operations
A series of values or a mathematical equation describing a series of values.
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The sorting of types and placing them in their proper boxes in the cases.
How revenues are distributed to the units that have sponsored the e-learning course.
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A resolving a whole into its parts.
a complete software system with compilers, utilities, and games
(n.) See software distribution.
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a map from a Symbol to a frequency
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Market is dominated by sellers, who are holding length and ýdistributingý to the players who need to buy.
Represented as a number (subject reports) or as a percentage (project and multi-project reports), this measurement indicates the number of responses given for a specific item or category.
The transfer of money or other property from a partnership to a partner.
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The moving of alcohol from the blood to the tissues.
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a lot like printing - the unit costs are reduced significantly as you produce more copies because there are certain fixed costs you must pay
The wall thickness or the evenness of the glass distribution throughout the container.
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a mapping of the data in a column into a set of column values
a generalized function, where differentiation is always possible
a specific set of data that you want to distribute to various servers across the network
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a tax-free return of your after-tax contributions
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The method and partners used to get the product (or service) from where it is produced to where the end user can buy it.
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The movement of a chemical from the blood to other tissues.
the process of water getting from the treatment plant to people's houses.
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Details about the type of use or the area an image will appear in.
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Wide; general public Limited
That which is distributed.