Definitions for "TPS"
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See Temporary Protected Status
Tivoli Professional Services. Consulting services offered to user installations by Tivoli Systems, Inc.
See Tivoli Professional Services (TPS).
Tissue Procurement Service
Total Petroleum Services
Taxi Operators Political Service (Oceania)
A variable three-wire resistor-type electrical sensor which sends a signal to the electronic control unit relative to the throttle position.
turret position sensor
Throttle Position Sensor
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Teachers' Pension Scheme
Teacher s Pension Scheme.
Transaction Processing System. The Transaction Processing System is a component of the Time Reporting System which receives time and attendance data from TACS, and calculates payable hours.
transaction processing system. A system that oversees the day-to-day operations of the company; examples are inventory, accounting, personnel, and manufacturing systems.
Transactions per second. A unit of measure.
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That s Pretty Stupid
Transient suppression plate.
Thin-plate splines
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test pilots' school
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Transmission/Power Supply