Definitions for "AMS"
Automated Manifest System for air and ocean carriers.
Accession Management System. A system to manage the accessions process.
Advanced Media Systems. Sister company of NCC which collects, maintains and distributes proprietary data on all forms of local ad insertion.
Audio/Visual Multimedia Services. Specifies service requirements and defines application program interfaces (APIs) for broadcast video, videoconferencing, and multimedia traffic. AMS is being developed by the ATM Forum's Service Aspects and Applications (SAA) working group. An important debate in the SAA concerns how MPEG-2 applications will travel over ATM (asynchronous transfer mode). Early developers chose to carry MPEG-2 over ATM adaptation layer 1 (AAL 1); others found AAL 5 a more workable solution. Recently, some have suggested coming up with a new video-only AAL using the still-undefined AAL 2. At the moment, there's no consensus on which approach will become the standard.
Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer is a particle detector being constructed for the International Space Station. It will observe properties of electrons, positrons, protons, antiprotons and nuclei in high-energy radiation in space.
Austrian Money Supply. Has nothing to do with the money in Austria, but rather a method for calculating the amount of money added to an economy, the United States money supply for all examples on this site, unless otherwise noted. Eliminates the double counting of money in the M2 and M3 measurements. When the supply is increasing it is inflationary and when it is decreasing it is deflationary. See our charts of AMS and inflation on our Economic Data page.
See Autographed Manuscript, Signed.
Autographed Manuscript, Signed. ackstrip: The covering of the book's spine.
Autograph Manuscript (hand-written; such as the draft of a play, research paper or music sheet)
Acute mountain sickness. This is what you may feel even if you go to a Colorado ski resort for several days: headache, fatigue, dehydration, trouble sleeping, nausea, rapid heartbeat. Of course, on the higher altitudes at Everest these symptoms can be exacerbated. They are best alleviated by proper acclimatization.
Acute Mountain Sickness. A cluster of symptoms brought on by lower blood levels of oxygen at higher altitudes. Symptoms include headache, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, malaise and disturbed sleep.
Symptoms of low blood oxygen level due to high altitude: headache, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, malaise and disturbed sleep. Hypoxia is a related debilitating lack of oxygen.
Alternate Mailing System. A procedure, authorized by the manager, Business Mailer Support, that provides methods for accepting permit imprint mail to ensure proper postage payment and mail preparation without verification by weight.
lternate elivery ervices - A procedure that provides for accepting permit imprint mail to ensure proper postage payment and mail preparation without verification by weight.
Aeronautical Materials Specification
Aeronautical Material Specification
Abbreviation for Aerospace Material Specification.
Aerospace Material Specifications-SAE, U.S.A.
Access method services.
Aboriginal Medical Service
Army Map Service, 1946-1968
Air Member for Supply
Absorbable metal stent. A small magnesium meshwork tube that supports the blood vessel and is progressively absorbed by the body (BIOTRONIK® technology) Aneurysm: Enlargement/bulging of the heart or a blood vessel Angina pectoris: Chest pain caused by insufficient blood supply to the heart
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Automatic Magnification Selection - Original size is detected by platen or document feeder, reducing or enlarging image to copy size selected by operator (also known as Auto Magnification Sensing)
Automatic Music Sensor – Finds tracks automatically on CD/MD or tape.
Automatic Music Sensor is a function that finds the beginning/end of a track on a tape, CD or MD.
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American Meteorological Society
Alma Mater Society
American Market Selection, a green colored outer wrapper on a cigar.
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Air Maintenance Squadron (USAF)
Airborne Multispectral Scanner. See Chapter 3
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Academy of Medical Sciences
Automotive Manufacturing Solutions
Accompanying Measures
Aggregate measure of support.
Aggregate Measurement of Support
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Zoom feature that calculates a required R & E ratio based on the given paper size and the original size.
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area and mobile source
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Track search function.