Definitions for "Verification"
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The act of verifying, or the state of being verified; confirmation; authentication.
Confirmation by evidence.
(1) An affidavit, under oath, swearing that a writing is true. (2) An accounting term confirming bookkeeping entries.
Process of matching information on a copy to that on the original.
The process of comparing a submitted biometric sample against the biometric reference template of a single enrollee (1:1) whose identity is being claimed. Answers the question: “Is the person who they claim to be
The process of selecting households for verification of eligibility for meal benefits. Households are selected through random sampling or focused sampling and notified to bring required documents to the school district to verify their eligibility for meal benefits.
A quality control method used in fieldwork: reinterviewing a percentage of respondents (usually 10%) to check that the original interview had in fact taken place, and had recorded their answers accurately. Also known as validation or (specially in Britain) as backchecking.
Means determination of whether or not a HACCP system is functioning according to the HACCP plan following comprehensive external ( CFIA) or internal (establishment quality control) audit.
In addition to monitoring, it is the use of other methods, procedures, tests and evaluations to determine compliance with a HACCP plan.
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A documented process used to ensure that the transfer of information between mediums is accurate and complete.
Verification is the process you use to ensure that the software product works properly.
Ensuring that remote controller commands captured on the PIC-200 perform the intended operation on your component.
The act of determining whether products and services conform to specific requirements.
The evaluation of a work product to determine whether it meets its specification.
Given a program and a set of specifications, verification shows that the program satisfies those specifications. Given a program and a set of specifications, verification shows that the program satisfies those specifications.[Hailpern] B. Hailpern, P. Santhanam. Software Debugging, testing and verification. IBM Systems Journal. Vol 41, 1, 2002. Definition Approved Yes Yes
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A program that determines an email came from the sender listed in the return path or Internet headers; designed to stop email from forged senders.
In anti-spam progams, a method which uses a "white list" obtained by testing each sender with a reply email, asking them for example to read hidden letters in a graphic message, or the number of ducks around a pond.
Refers to verifying the classification and allocation of milk as reported by handlers. This is a major function of the auditors who work for the California Milk Pooling Branch or any one of the eleven federal milk market administrator offices; most of the staff is involved in the auditing of handler reports for purposes of verification.
The act of providing an auditable record of a transaction. This can be in the form of a digital signature. This binds each party to a transaction such that they cannot repudiate participating in it.
When a card or rule requires you to perform some action which you are unable to complete, your opponent must be allowed to verify that you are unable to do so. For example, if you cannot play a card when required to by a card such as Visit Cochrane Memorial or Energy Vortex, your opponent may look at your hand to verify that you are unable to do so. See showing your cards.
See Requirements Verification.
Matching unknown but keyed specimen with known material in the herbaium.
Testing performed to prove that a device meets its specification.
The act of comparing a signature created with a private key to its public key. Verification proves the information was actually sent by the signer and the message has not been subsequently altered by anyone else.
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A formal phrase used in concluding a plea.
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Many BBSs have some way of verifying that the caller logging-on is actually who they say they are. Caller ID, doors which call the user back, or calling all users by voice are common practices.
a corroboration of excess content in the expanding programme
The means of verifying that an intrusion has taken place. Can be via audio, visual or sequential means.
for Georgia Southern, see Quality Assurance Program
The procedure that contrasts two levels of system exploitation for appropriate correspondence.
The act of recognizing that a person or entity is who or what it claims to be.
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See: disk verification
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See Configuration Verification.