Definitions for "Petition"
A prayer; a supplication; an imploration; an entreaty; especially, a request of a solemn or formal kind; a prayer to the Supreme Being, or to a person of superior power, rank, or authority; also, a single clause in such a prayer.
A formal written request addressed to an official person, or to an organized body, having power to grant it; specifically (Law), a supplication to government, in either of its branches, for the granting of a particular grace or right; -- in distinction from a memorial, which calls certain facts to mind; also, the written document.
To make a prayer or request to; to ask from; to solicit; to entreat; especially, to make a formal written supplication, or application to, as to any branch of the government; as, to petition the court; to petition the governor.
A declaration signed by individuals and presented to governments as evidence of popular support for an action or position.
a brief statement of appeal addressed to a senior government official
a brief statement of appeal signed by as many people as possible
a good idea but we also need to contact Beanscene and get their take on it
a great idea, but perhaps someone can form an official group i
a wonderful idea, but I have some worries
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reverent petition to a deity
a legal paper that starts a case.
a challenge to a decision made in a settlement case
a daring move, and it's well worth taking the time to read their arguments about how New Jersey is a special case where the FM dial is concerned
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Pocket Veto
See Countervailing Duties; Dumping; Escape Clause.
a "block of signatures" to get an issue put on the ballot
A method by which a member can, by collecting the requisite number of legislators' signatures, require a committee either to have a proposed bill fully drafted and hold a public hearing on it or to report a bill to the floor.
a message that's sent directly to the GM's troubleshooting queue
a document that describes a new school or school within a school and is submitted for consideration of approval for charter school status
a form representing a student's need or desire to be excepted from any standard rule or regulation in the University
a form submitted to explain an exception from any standard rule or regulation of the University
a form of speech, and in this country we have the freedom of speech, as long as it is not slanderous
A petition is a means of attempting to overcome a decision made by the Patent and Trademark Office.
To be considered for an office or leadership position, the student fills out an application known as a petition.
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a proposal for training or ownership
procedural move used at the General Assembly, available to anyone to use
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See motion.
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See public petition.