Definitions for "Clause"
A separate portion of a written paper, paragraph, or sentence; an article, stipulation, or proviso, in a legal document.
A subordinate portion or a subdivision of a sentence containing a subject and its predicate.
a group of words containing a subject and conjugated verb and which are part of a larger sentence relative clause - also known as adjective clause and adverb clause; a clause which functions as an adjective or adverb does. subordinate clause - a clause which depends on the sentence to complete its meaning, and which cannot stand on its own. independent clause - a clause which could stand on its own.
Context A term in Prolog. Definition clause is either a fact or a rule.
a bunch of atomic propositions
a collection of literals (propositions or negations of propositions) all implicitly or'ed together (a collection of disjunctives)
A provision or condition affecting the terms of a contract. Coinsurance, cancellation, and subrogation clauses are typical insurance contract clauses.
An article or added provision in a life insurance contract such as the Suicide Clause or the Incontestability Clause.
An article or added provision in a life insurance contract. Examples may include the Suicide Clause or the Incontestability Clause.
A distinct section, condition or requirement stipulated in a legal document, such as an employment agreement or contract. See also Collective Bargaining Agreement and Explicit Contract.
a separate section of a discourse or writing; specifically : a distinct article in a formal document
Each section of a statement that begins with a keyword (e.g. SELECT, FROM, WHERE, …etc.)
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a threat to the environment, NDP Leader Alexa McDonough said Friday
a grammatical part of the English language
a grammatical unit that
clause - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
a first order formula of the form Head Bod
a set of positive or negative atomic formulas connected by or (with no explicit variable quantification - universal quantification is assumed)
an object that will appear in the data file, with a list of attribute/value pairs
an ordered list of sub-expressions
an ordered set of consecutive COBOL character-strings whose purpose is to specify an attribute of an entry
A part of an SQL statement.
a statement that modifies results
A part of a SQL statement that does not constitute the full statement; for example, a "WHERE clause".
See  Endorsement
A term used to identify a particular part of a policy or endorsement.
A single, numbered constituent part of the main body of a Bill of either House of Parliament. Each clause will deal with a specific part of the legislation being proposed.
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a wrapper around a Java method
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a sequence of phrases that relate to each other in certain ways
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See program clause or goal.
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See Letters clause or Letters close, under Letter.
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term of agreement in a contract or agreement