Definitions for "Exclusions"
Specified conditions or circumstances, listed in the policy, for which no benefits are paid. Family Health Insurance Assistance Program (FHIAP). An Oregon Health Plan program for Oregonians unable to afford coverage and who've been uninsured for at least six months. State-paid subsidies offset the premium cost for buying private market insurance. FHIAP is available to both adults and children.
Clauses that narrow the focus and eliminate specific coverages broadly stated in the insurance policy.
details of what the contract will not cover.
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A type or cause of damage for which the carrier is specifically NOT LIABLE. For example, the carrier is not responsible for damage caused by an Act of God, War or Inherent Vice.
Executor Existing liabilities
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Products and services for which the third party payer will not pay.
File selection rules that identify specific files and file types that you do not want to backup. See also rules.
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Gross receipts that are not subject to tax and are not included in gross income, such as interest on state and local government bonds.
Services provided within 48 hour of an injury or medical emergency.
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A process to remove certain categories of records from a file such as foreign addresses, companies, age range etc.
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See Exceptions.
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Any item that is specifically not included in the sale.