Definitions for "Selection"
choosing of favorable offspring as parents for future generations.
Process which favors one feature of organisms in a population over another feature found in the population. This occurs through differential reproduction -- those with the favored feature produce more offspring than those with the other feature, such that they become a greater percentage of the population in the next generation.
Differentially reproducing desired traits in a herd or flock.
interface: The information affected by the next command. Selected text is usually highlighted, graphic objects sprout handles, icons switch to inverse video. The text insertion point is also a selection.
The selected region of the document, usually indicated in a view by a highlight and usually used as the target for operations such as replacing and deleting text and copying to the clipboard. See also: text document  text view  cursor  anchor
a block of text marked for further manipulation
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In insurance, the process of determining on what terms coverage will be issued. This is sometimes referred to as "underwriting." (See also "Underwriting.")
An object or set of objects that have been selected.
The process of choosing the individual who best meets the requirements of a position within a sport and recreation organisation.
Various options allow you to select all or only part of an image. When part of an image is selected, only that part is affected by adjustments or rendering. A selection can also be inverted (Selections Menu (sub) Invert) and used as a mask meaning that the selected part will not be affected by adjustments. There are several other modifications that can be made to the selection, most available from the Selections Menu.
a set of paths that specify a subset of the complete scene graph
a subset of an audio file, consisting of a start point, and an end point
The act of selecting, or the state of being selected; choice, by preference.
That which is selected; a collection of things chosen; as, a choice selection of books.
the act of choosing or selecting; "your choice of colors was unfortunate"; "you can take your pick"
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lection/ Auswahl
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An area of an image that is selected for editing, leaving the rest of the image protected.
an area of a digital image bounded by what is quirkily named as 'marching ants' - a moving dotted line
an area of an image that can contain image modifications to a A way that gimp speeds up image display by keeping the data in memory
a an AUDIO ARTICLE on 'The Little Coffee Plant that Wouldn't Die' -- Rodrigues island's "cafe marron" plant has been presumed extinct for scores of years
This was when it was decided who would live and die, often under the guise of qualified medical expertise.
The removal of single, scattered, mature trees or other trees from uneven-aged stands by frequent and periodic cutting operations.
A selection of a binary constraint tree, constraint tree, or constraint graph is a set of nodes S such that the root of the tree (graph) is in S; if X is an AND node and is in S, each child of X is in S; and if X is an OR node and is in S, exactly one child of X is in S.
A method of regenerating a forest stand and maintaining an uneven-aged structure by removing some trees in all size classes either singly or in small groups or strips. (HARV SELEC)
A method by which leaders are chosen to serve on the Parish Pastoral Council, through a discernment rather than election process.
a natural process resulting in the evolution of organisms best adapted to the environment
The process by which library materials are chosen to meet the needs of patrons.
an excellent introduction to the theology of Karl Barth
a passage selected from a larger work; "he presented excerpts from William James' philosophical writings"
a condition on an alerts view of a slice
A button in the Display Options toolbar that permits the user to toggle between a view of the overlay map and the original selection area polygon.
a decomposition of an JSD-component into two or more actions in which only one of the containing actions is executed
The cell or cells that will receive the actions of keys and commands. The selection is surrounded by a wide dark border.
The object or action that is selected. Menus are composed of selection items. Dialog boxes contain components, each of which represents a selection.
The specification of one or more items from a list in a component.
an ordered list of record numbers
For the Internet subject directories, selection refers to the criteria for inclusion in the directory. Selection criteria are often not listed, so for some, I just made an educated guess.
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a VIDEO on turning tobacco into the tonic that ails you
the process by which authors leave out some aspects of the history of the story or play for dramatic or thematic effect.
a an AUDIO short story by H
a collaborative effort by the past and present editors and the editorial board to celebrate and illuminate the medium that has prompted so much thought and exchange during the journal's lifetime
any method of retrieving multiple marks out of the sequence in which they fall.
a process whereby a criterion is evaluated against the data or members of a dimension in order to restrict the set of data retrieved
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a good idea, not everyone has the same tastes or eating habits
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a huge part of what makes it good) but is fairly effective out of the gate as well
signify specialize subscript supply
A threat to internal validity caused by the non-random assignment of subjects to groups. When subjects are not assigned at random, there is a strong possibility that the two groups are not initially the same in certain important respects.
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a comma separated list of the possible values, with a prompt and an optional code for each value (prompt/code)
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The team or player for the event and the bet type you wish to wager on.
the separation of children into different schools (usually at age 11) on the basis of intelligence and/or ability tests.
a motion-graphic (computer-generated) illustration, ' HAND-OFF '
Selection is a 1982 EP by 54-40. It was the band's first release, appearing on the independent label Mo-Da-Mu.
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a week from today
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The horse you are backing.
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natural selection
a set of elements identified for a particular operation
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a piece of data