Definitions for "Assigned"
Received notification of an assignment by The Options Clearing Corporation. See also Assignment
Notification the option owner exercised his rights making you obligated to fulfill the terms of the option contract.
One of the modes of targeting supported by Software Installation and Maintenance. Administrators can assign the software that users require to perform their jobs. Administrators can assign software to users and to computers. User-assigned applications are advertised on the desktop; they appear to be installed on the user's desktop, but they get installed the first time that the user starts the application, typically from the Start menu. If a user deletes an assigned application, it will be re-advertised. Computer-assigned applications are installed the next time that the computer restarts.
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appointed to a post or duty; "assigned personnel"; "assigned duties"
the supplier agrees to accept Medicare's allowable.
State of belonging to a unit and being counted as part of that unit's assigned strength.
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Geographical name in terms of the Geographical Names Act.