Definitions for "option"
The right, but not the obligation, to buy (for a call option) or sell (for a...
The power of choosing; the right of choice or election; an alternative.
The exercise of the power of choice; choice.
Index Definition: Option (Forms) Description: Specifies the the choices in a SELECT element.
One of a limited range of choices or features that is offered to a customer when purchasing an otherwise basic standard product and that has to be an integral part of the product (used in commercial trading).
A choice that a policyowner can make when deciding how to apply settlements, dividends, or nonforfeiture values. See also dividend options, nonforfeiture options, and settlement options.----------[ Back
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An parameter internal to the FunnelWeb program which can be controlled by command line arguments or pragmas.
An option for a software command
Part of a command that can modify how the command or service works but which is not required.
An area of concentration adjunct to an honours and/or general program. Also refer to Co-operative Option.
An area of concentration adjunct to a program. Also see Co-operative Option.
Option (オプション, Opushon in katakana and subtitled Exciting Car Magazine) is a automotive magazine founded by Daijiro Inada in 1981, to meet the demand for enthusiasts of modified Japanese cars in Japan.
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The Option Element The Paragraph Element
Selection list option - Paragraph
Defines an option in a drop-down list 3.0 3.0 STF Defines a paragraph 3.0 3.0 STF
Service enhancement which is not provided automatically as part of the basic service. The customer must select the option by checking a box, or affixing an additional label, or sticker, or using the specified indicia. (option)
An alternative to standard notation provided in the schedules and tables to give emphasis to an aspect in a library's collection not given preferred treatment in the standard notation. In some cases, an option may provide shorter notation for the aspect. See also Optional number.
A specified combination or grouping of courses which provides a secondary emphasis in certain plans. The emphasis may be in another academic subject or in a career-oriented area.
Two Main Inventory Table fields accessed through the CD-ROM which the researcher may adapt for further individualization of the database. A three position field, with no restrictions, can be used for selection or deselection of inventories at the users discretion.
A course, acceptable within the academic program but chosen at the discretion of the student.
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An option is a variable (q.v.) that exists so that you can customize Emacs by setting it to a new value. See Variables.
An option is a variable (q.v.) that allows you to customize Emacs by giving it a new value. See section 27.3 Variables.
An operational setting, value, or indication about how the TriasSoccerCentral Site should operate. Normally, an Option is defined via the Options table in the database and can contain one or more settings related to: Fees The compensation associated with completing an Assignment Methods The default settings for AssignmentMethod for new Matches Ranks The default value for Match Rank for new Matches Rules Operational settings for the SelfAssign rules
A wishing; a wish.
Additional coverage or benefits that my be purchased and added to a policy.
An agreement to purchase a property reached between the property vendor and some other party who wishes to explore the property further.
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A player on a MLB team's 40-man roster but not on its 25-man major league roster is on optional assignment. A player on optional assignment has three option years, and can be optioned to and recalled from the minor leagues as often as the MLB team desires during those three seasons. A player who has spent time in the Major Leagues during three different seasons is out of options, and must clear waivers in order to be sent to the minors beginning with his fourth Major League season.
A program by which students narrow their area of specialty within the overall umbrella of a particular major program.
An approved group of courses creating a specialty within a major field of study.
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CHAR Options string.
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a substantive, procedural, or psychological solution that may satisfy the interests of a party to a dispute.
An option is a defined series of courses within a degree program that prepares students for a specific branch of a profession. Options are found within degree programs broad enough to accommodate a variety of professional applications.
A set of courses chosen within a specific field of study to gain a certain degree of expertise (e.g. engineering management option). An option normally requires a minimum of 18 credits in a given discipline.
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Any part of a vacation that is not a flight or a hotel. Options include car rentals, features, and insurance.
A second field of interest in the undergraduate curriculum, which officially consists of a minimum of 21, designated term credits of related course work, 15 of which must be at the upper-division level.
Term used in a Options Board model of an interaction. When an "option" is adopted or rejected (i.e. not adopted), this represents the implementation or definite non-implementation of a yes/no policy alternative controlled by a party.
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Patent Defects
is a potential solution to an issue. When generating options in a mediation, there is no such thing as a bad option, all have value.
a set of assumptions representing a possible management direction. Options are constructed as a normal part of a planning process in order to provide a framework for analysis and to facilitate management decision-making.
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See Design Variant.
An item provided by the manufacturer that the dealer or customer may order to supplement or replace an item not desired on the base vehicle. An option is usually offered at an additional cost.
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An agreement met usually dealing with some sort of property (usually a script) that states that X will happen if Y is done in a certain amount of time.
See Warrant; also Put; also Call.
Anything that anyone wants. In economics, options (alternatives) are also called goods.
An option is a refined alternative which is adjusted to minimize impacts. Each alternative may have a number of options which affects the surrounding environment differently.
One of the alternative values that an issue can take. For example, the issue "Tolerable product failure rate" may have the options "3%", "5%" and "10%".
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Five-card, high-low stud with a twist.
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M/S/T courses taken for Elective credit
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One currently defined: maximum TCP segment size.
One of two or more streams within a program: eg., the Environmental Option in Civil Engineering
An add-on device that expands a system's capabilities.
A feature of a computer hardware device or component or a software program that allows the selection between two or more alternatives. See configuration.
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See options in the Stock/Bond Guide.
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See compile-line option.
An installable unit of a software package. Software product options are separately installable units that can operate independently from other options of that software package.
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A type of derivative instrument.
An addition to a program that is separate from the degree requirements. For example, the Co-operative Education Option.
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A level of benefits provided by a health benefits plan. Some plans provide a high and a standard option; others provide only one option.
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An item in a home that is not a standard feature.
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See Also: option list .
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For System Manager, see application option.