Definitions for "segment"
Third level of logical database storage. A segment is a set of extents, each of which has been allocated for a specific data structure, and all of which are stored in the same tablespace. See Also: extent, data block
a collection of extents that have been allocated for a specific object
a convenient block of logical memory which is assigned to a process when it is executed
A part cut off from a figure by a line or plane; especially, that part of a circle contained between a chord and an arc of that circle, or so much of the circle as is cut off by the chord; as, the segment acb in the Illustration.
A set of points containing two endpoints and all points along the straight line between the two endpoints; a part of a circle between an arc and its chord
Piece of a curve, in a graph, that can be automatically digitized using segment fill mode. A segment is a set of adjoining points that lie between two endpoints
Under HIPAA, this is a group of related data elements in a transaction. Also see Part II, 45 CFR 162.103.
tEDI segments consist of related data elements in a defined sequence. An EDI data segment consists of a segment identifier, one or more data elements each preceded by an element separator, and a segment terminator. "*" is a typical data element separator and NL is used as a segment terminator.
a physical group of data elements in a mainframe record that is repeated many times and which describes a subordinate entity of some sort. A segment usually becomes the row of a distinct table in a relational context.
One of the divisions, rings, or joints into which many animal bodies are divided; a somite; a metamere; a somatome.
A Segment is one single TCP data package. See also: Datagram
A bounded section of the network. A segment is usually bounded by bridges, routers, or switches.
A piece in the form of the sector of a circle, or part of a ring; as, the segment of a sectional fly wheel or flywheel rim.
ZIP code sector subdivision usually made up of only one side of a street block. Indicated by the last two digits of the ZIP+4.
A section of a track or clip within a sequence in the Timeline that can be edited.
A part of a document, usually limited by punctuation - periods, tabs, paragraph marks, or custom tags. The segment or sentence is the fundamental unit of information stored in translation memory with its corresponding bilingual matching segment.
Analytical subcomponent of a Rite, corresponding to an extensive stage of Numogram transit.
a chunk of a blob, or a unit of a blob that can be written or read in a pre-determined amount
A one-way flight between two points. This can involve a stop or even an aircraft change as long as the flight number does not change. They are a basis for qualification for Gold and Platinum status.
Describes the unit of flight between takeoff and landing.
a flight leg consisting of one takeoff and one landing by a flight
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A segment is physical memory range that holds specific sections of the program, and is specified in the linker parameter file. For instance, programs often have a ROM segment for code and constant data and a RAM segment for variable data.
The basic unit of memory in the Intel 80x86 architecture. Memory addresses are composed of a 16-bit segment and a 16-bit offset. Thus, the largest single block that is addressable is 64K. In protected mode, the segment portion of addresses is actually a segment selector, which maps to a physical segment via the LDT.
a continuous range of virtual memory that is managed by the system
A geographical area in which a task force/strike team leader or supervisor of a single resource is assigned authority and responsibility for the coordination of resources and implementation of planned tactics. A segment may be a portion of a division or an area inside or outside the perimeter of an incident. Segments are identified with Arabic numbers.
A fundamental object constructed from pages and nodes, and used to define space resources. The minimum segment is a single page. The term is used recursively, and a segment can be made up of segments. A segment defines a virtual address space or portion thereof.
Segments of the eyeglass lenses that are used for near vision bifocals. The surrounding larger portion of the lens is used for distance vision.
In linguistics, any discrete unit which can be identi­fied in the stream of speech. Examples: phonemes; consonants; vowels.
The student breaks a word into its separate sounds (phonemes).
to split up a word into its individual phonemes in order to spell it, e.g. the word 'cat' has three phonemes: /c/, /a/, /t
A contiguous portion of text with one directionality that may or may not be embedded in an other portion of text which has a different directionality. For instance, in a bidirectional text, a left-to-right segment such as a number can be embedded in a text that has a right-to-left directionality.
A block of contiguous memory within a segmented RAM bank.
a contiguous range of virtual addresses
One of the cells or division formed by segmentation, as in egg cleavage or in fissiparous cell formation.
Body divisions, the first three being the thorax, the others abdominal.
A division of a a leaf or fruit.
Section 2 of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act requires that the Merced River be classified and administered as "wild", "scenic", or "recreational" river segments, based on the condition of the river corridor at the time of boundary designation. The classification of a river segment indicates the level of development on the shorelines, the level of development in the watershed, and the accessibility by road or trail. "Wild" segments are free of impoundments and generally inaccessible except by trail, with watersheds and/or shorelines essentially primitive and unpolluted; "Scenic" segments are free of impoundments, with watersheds and shorelines largely undeveloped, but accessible in places by roads; and, "Recreational" segments are readily accessible by road or railroad, may have some development along the shorelines, and may have undergone impoundment or diversion in the past. The Merced River is divided into eight segments.
a group of primitives that is saved once and named, and then may be used repeatedly in the metafile
a set of output primitives that are created, manipulated, and deleted as a group, but are not modifiable
a subset of the population that corresponds to a given set of criteria or scores
A major subset of the company’s operations that contains business groups and units. Leggett reports results in five segments.
A subset or filter of your list. For example, all New Yorkers could be a segment of your full list.
A part of a market.
The figure contained by a straight line and a circumference of a circle.
in the GMAP procedure, a polygon that is a part of a unit area consisting of more than one polygon. For example, consider a map of Hawaii. The representation of the single unit area (the state) consists of a group of individual segments (the islands), each of which is a separate polygon. In the GFONT procedure, a segment is a single continuous line that forms part of all of a character or symbol.
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the definition of a tracking procedure that is determined by a key frame, a mask associated with it, a set of parameters for the tracking algorithm, and tracking bounds in forward and backward direction.
a piece of a given frames pipeline reduction ( run / rerun / camcol ), covering a piece of a scanline , bounded on the east and west by lines of constant mu
a portion of a disk bounded by a circular arc and the chord that cuts it.
One of the parts into which any body naturally separates or is divided; a part divided or cut off; a section; a portion; as, a segment of an orange; a segment of a compound or divided leaf.
To divide or separate into parts in growth; to undergo segmentation, or cleavage, as in the segmentation of the ovum.
Any of the series of units into which an utterance may be divided; a speech sound considered in isolation.
The ring-like units of a structure; e.g., segments of a caterpillar's body, segments of the antenna, etc.
A distinct body region. Caterpillars and the abdomens of butterflies are both comprised of many segments.
A logical group of Endpoints running at the same network speed and registered with the same Gatekeeper.
A group of fields.
Designation for the organizational level between Corporate Center and business units at the ThyssenKrupp Group.
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Standby Stopover
single brainstem or spinal cord level
A single active area in the segmented displays (as opposed to the background area).
A single ATM link or group of interconnected ATM links of an ATM connection.
One part of a derived search. Each segment consists of initial characters in the first two to four words of the bibliographic information you are using to search (excluding initial articles). Each segment of a derived search is followed by a comma. The types of derived searches have distinctive configurations of segments to allow the system to distinguish them. The types of derived searches are title (3,2,2,1), personal name (4,3,1), corporate name (=4,3,1), name/title (4,4). Example: gon,wi,th,w is a derived title search for Gone with the wind.
See Norris derivation
a saved search with one or more criteria that updates dynamically
The Texas Surface Water Quality Standards has established fourteen (14) designated segments in the Sabine Basin with segment specific criteria for their protection.
Branch of dynasty, often in open or latent competition with other branches. (Frame, Robin. Colonial Ireland, 1169-1369, 144)
a genomic feature recognized by anonymous DNA probes
an entire coat protein-encoding geminivirus DNA molecule excluding the DNA sequences coding for the geminivirus coat protein
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an internal buffer used by the OLAP engine for storing data
a time interval, possibly with some associated information such as a numerical index, a data quality flag string, etc
First Definition] Pac-n-Zoom comes with a system for using multiple programs together (provided that their interface is extended). Instructions and data can be stored in this simple system. A segment is used to store either instructions or data inside of a frame.[Second Definition] The process of performing segmentation.
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a defined stretch of surface water (lake, river, or tributary) which must meet certain water quality standards (WQS)
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The industry is broken into many segments. Fine dining, casual dining, fast food, etc. A segment is any business concepts that have like and comparable attributes.
Vehicle category broken down according to characteristics. Compact cars, Sports Utility Vehicles and Full-Size Vans are examples of segments used in J.D. Power and Associates studies.
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an electrically quiet area in the EKG cycle
A fragment of a flake.
a collection of the database devices and/or fragments available to a particular database
a generic name given to any object that occupies storage in the database files
significant speak subject superfluous
Segment is the third and most detailed level of ConversionRuler's tracking hierarchy. ConversionRuler's overall reporting hierarchy (in order of increasing detail) is: Category, Campaign, Segment.
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a piece All the segments fitted together to make a complete whole.
Any of the active pieces in the darthead, which when hit, cause a score or mark, depending on the game played (usually red or black in color).
a collection of cell values parameterized by a measure, and a set of (column, value) pairs
a set of street center-line links
Each line item in a transaction set.
an edited interview or narrated story with actualities; could also refer to cut or actuality
a continuous bit stream with no delimiters
a set of continuous pages in a file
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Term used in designating different areas of eye, as in “posterior segment” or “anterior segment.” See Free Eye Tests.
An arrangement of Scenes. May also be thought of as a linear "presentation, where a collection of Scenes may be composed to serve a particular audience, event, or subject. The duration of a Segment is calculated by multiplying the number of loops specified for a Scene and adding up all of those total durations for each Scene in the Segment plus individual Transition durations.
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A segment gear.
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outlets that are similar in size, and that buy, merchandise, and sell soft drinks in similar ways
a sequential range of blocks
see Block. As in, "I have four packages in the first segment alone!"
A category (e.g., male, female) or which represents a range (e.g., 25-34) within an enumerated variable.
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See stripe segment
Segments are what decide the commission structure. Every program has a default commission structure in the "General" segment. However, some programs have higher commission segments that you can get upgraded for if performance is good, or if you reach certain targets.
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See "recognition segment."
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The area of a network that all node can see each other. Often called a collision domain
a self-contained collection of B-trees
A collection of related data on the TI Generic label Segments contain one or more building blocks, and are separated by a double ruled horizontal line.
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a sub-path of the overall connection path, and it is usually manually specified
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a connected region of an image in which all of the pixels share some common or similar attribute--usually color or shade
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an edge that must
a component whose activities represent a separate major line of business or class of customer
a link that may include a shared media connection
a container for Objects (such as tables, indexes
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segment an image