Definitions for "TLB"
Translation Lookaside Buffer: a small piece of associative memory within a processor which caches part of the translation from virtual addresses to physical addresses. Such translations can often be very large and complex and the data structures that implement them too large to store efficiently on the processor. Instead, a few elements of the translation are stored in the TLB, which the processor can access extremely quickly. If a required translation for a particular virtual address is not present in the TLB the address will be resolved using the more general mechanism. Also referred to as Address Translation Cache.
translation lookaside buffer. for a paging system, a high-speed hardware lookup table for the conversion of virtual addresses generated by the processor into real addresses. The table is of limited size and only holds recently used page addresses. [SILC99
(n.) translation look-aside buffer; the memory cache of the most recently used page table entries within the memory management unit.
Or OLE library. An OLE compound document file containing standard descriptions of data types, modules, and interfaces that can be used to fully expose objects for OLE Automation. The type library file usually has a .TLB filename extension and can be used by other applications to get information about the automation server.
Remote Automation Truelib Files or OLE Type Library
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Tractor-Loader-Backhoe. A tractor, usually industrial, equipped with a front mounted loader and rear mounted backhoe.
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Top Level Budget.