Definitions for "register"
The correspondence or adjustment of the several impressions in a design which is printed in parts, as in chromolithographic printing, or in the manufacture of paper hangings. See Register, v. i. 2.
To correspond in relative position; as, two pages, columns, etc. , register when the corresponding parts fall in the same line, or when line falls exactly upon line in reverse pages, or (as in chromatic printing) where the various colors of the design are printed consecutively, and perfect adjustment of parts is necessary.
a precise superimposition of one track on another.
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A lid, stopper, or sliding plate, in a furnace, stove, etc., for regulating the admission of air to the fuel; also, an arrangement containing dampers or shutters, as in the floor or wall of a room or passage, or in a chimney, for admitting or excluding heated air, or for regulating ventilation.
Regulator (Voltage Regulator) Relap
A grille placed over a supply air or return air duct.
The compass of a voice or instrument; a specified portion of the compass of a voice, or a series of vocal tones of a given compass; as, the upper, middle, or lower register; the soprano register; the tenor register.
The classification of parts of the vocal range according to the method of production chest, mixed, head and falsetto.
A part of the compass of the voice, which imparts its own distinctive sensation to the singer. The three registers are chest, middle, and head.
the language variety determined by social circumstances. Note: Most persons have a repertoire of registers. While an employee chatting with others might say, "The boss's latest memo doesn't make any sense at all," he or she would likely use a more respectful register in speaking to his employer, as "I'm having a bit of difficulty understanding your latest memo."
a variety of a language that is appropriate to specific situations or addressees. For example, the simple question “where did you go last night?” would elicit very different responses depending on whether you were answering your roommate, your mother, or a police officer. Registers can usually be placed on a continuum of formality; all natural languages have multiple registers, and all adult speakers of a language consciously or unconsciously select the register most appropriate to the situation. Contrast DIALECT.
A style of language (e.g., formal, colloquial) appropriate to a specific audience, purpose, or situation. Register is determined by the level of formality in a particular social setting, the relationship among the individuals involved in the communication, and the purpose of the interaction.
A storage area commonly associated with fast-access storage, capable of storing a specified amount of data such as a bit or address.
A special circuit in a CPU, such as an accumulator or program counter that can either hold a value or perform some arithmetical or logical operation.
Special memory storage location.
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A numbered area of the machine controller software used to store a programmed process parameter.
1. A device which registers the value of the quantity measured by the meter. 2. Electromechanical or electronic device comprising both memory and display which stores and displays information. 3. Device which accumulates billing information, and presents information with pointers, numerals (cyclometer), or digits on an electronic display.
a circuit formed from identical flip-flops or latches and capable of storing several bits of data. [SILC99
To formally record a transaction or event.
A written account or entry; an official or formal enumeration, description, or record; a memorial record; a list or roll; a schedule.
A record containing a list and description of the merchant vessels belonging to a port or customs district.
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With shareware, when you contact the vendor and pay for the product, you are registering. In return, you will receive either a password to turn off the nag notices or a copy of the full commercial version.
To pay a software company for a product to receive the full working copy. Registration is most often required for shareware programs, which may be partially disabled or contain "nags" until registered. See Also: Shareware
a global variable in a workflow
a global variable, that is resolved for every workflow invocation and is always available to all functions and conditions
a helper function that returns an object that can be used in Functions for easy access to common objects, especially entities that revolve around the workflow
When you open a checking account and order checks, you receive a register to record the check number, who you paid, the amount of the check, and the date. It is important to keep your register up to date so you can know your account balance. You can also use it to reconcile your account at month-end.
You register with the Government Gateway in order to use any of the government services that are available online. You must have a service selected - you cannot register and receive a User ID and password without being able to use an online service. This registration opens the door to online government services, and assigns your organisation a User ID and Activation PIN. Please note that the Government Gateway requires you to have a different User ID and password for individual filing - such as self assessment - from the one you use for filing on behalf of your business.
This is the all-important first step in becoming an HSX tycoon. Registering is the process of creating a free account with the Hollywood Stock Exchange. When you register for an account, you get two million Hollywood Dollars for each market. Once you join HSX, a password is sent to you via email that will allow you to access your portfolios. Registration is a private matter, and registration details are never released or sold. See: Privacy Policy.
a book in which names and transactions are listed
A book containing details about the deceased and the funeral service which can be signed by all those attending. It is then given to the immediate family.
List of Signatures for the Quires in a printed book, with the number of leaves in each quire.
An S-register is a part of memory in a modem where information is stored, and retrieved during operation to perform certain functions.
A small area of high speed memory, located within a processor or electronic device, that is used for temporarily storing data or instructions. Each register is given a name, contains a few bytes of information, and is referenced by programs.
A memory device capable of containing one or more computer bits or words.
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a sort of variable used in Emacs editing that can hold a marker, a string, a rectangle, a window configuration (of one frame), or a frame configuration (of all frames)
a sort of variable used in Emacs editing that can hold a variety of different kinds of values
To enroll; to enter in a list.
To enroll one's name in a register.
Registering for classes means that a student enrolls in and pays for specific courses; this is a separate process from applying to the College.
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have one's name listed as a candidate for several parties
a rank-order list of eligible candidates compiled according to scores
Registration is a one-time process. It is the step you take to enter the CFA Program. You register by filling out an application and paying a registration fee. Once you have registered, you are a candidate in the program and do not have to register again. Register now.
(Domain Name) This is the process of buying a domain name that reserves the name for that individual or organization for a specified length of time. Once a name is registered, it can't be used by anyone else.
Registrars assigning domains to organizations and individuals on the Internet. When a domain name is registered with the appropriate registry, that domain is automatically assigned and becomes no longer available for anyone else to reserve, there are registration and renewal fees (local registry fees) from ICANN associated with the right to use a domain.
Since every domain is unique, registries have been set up to assign domains to individuals and organziations. When a domain is registered with the appropriate registry, that domain is assigned and becomes no longer available for anyone else to use. Typically, there are registration and renewal fees (local registry fees) associated with the right to use a domain. However, there are some TLDs that are provided at no charge.
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A book of public facts. Typical examples include death, birth, land title, probate, and prisoner registers.
Also known as Probate and Administration books, they contain the court's copy of all grants of probate (in estates with wills) and administration (estates without wills). Prior to 1858, there was no standard format established for the Registers so their contents and organization can vary. After 1858, a standard format was laid down and copies of wills were to be included after Grants of Probate, and, copies of bonds were to be included after Grants of Administration.
Register of Probate
be aware of; "Did you register any change when I pressed the button?"
show in one's face; "Her surprise did not register"
enter into someone's consciousness; "Did this event register in your parents' minds?"
Act of Parliament 24 Aug. 1653 the custody of parish registers were entrusted to the new Parish "Registers" who were not called the Registrar. Ratepayers elected them.
A tool for registering translations, rotations and scaling of images in portable graymap format.
a source of informtion and a tool to manage substances at work
a tool to keep track of who goes to Sunday school
First unit in the assembly of common control equipment in an automatic exchange. The register receives address information in the form of dial pulses or dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) signals and stores it for possible conversion or translation.
Another name for a subdial ; this is usually a dial within the main dial of a watch. The best example is possibly a chronograph where there may be registers for the chronograph minutes and hours. Some watches have registers with pointers showing the day and date.
Another name for a sub dial; this is usually a dial within the main dial of a watch.
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knowing what's going on within us without being fully aware of it.
When referring to conduits for Windows, to register means to call the Conduit Manager API to write new information into the conduit configuration entries. This is the method by which HotSync Manager knows that a conduit is present and can be run during the next HotSync operation. Developers can also use the Conduit Configuration utility to register a conduit. Be careful not to confuse registering with the HotSync Manger and registering with the Sync Manager. C API-based conduits must register with the Sync Manager at run time. All conduits on the Windows platform must register with HotSync Manager at install time, otherwise HotSync Manager does not run your conduit.
A contrivance for automatically noting the performance of a machine or the rapidity of a process.
A machine for registering automatically the number of persons passing through a gateway, fares taken, etc.; a telltale.
A set of features of speech or writing characteristic of a particular type of linguistic activity or a particular group when engaging in it, e.g. sermon vs newspaper article. [See Matthews, P.H. (1997)
To make formal entry of (a document, fact, name, etc.) in a particular register; also to get (a document, etc.) entered in the register by the person entitled to do so. (Instrument, Article IX; Operational Rules, Article I, Section 3; Article II, Section 5; Article IV, Section 5)
a complete statistical package of every player, including CBA, foreign league, and collegiate statistics
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a cashbox with an adding machine to register transactions; used in shops to add up the bill
The act of registering a transaction in the MTO registry.
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a hidden clipboard
When a program requires a member to notify the program of the member's intent to earn a bonus prior to accrual. For example, if a bonus is offered for flying a specific route, the member must notify the program that the member is flying that itinerary to earn the bonus. If the program is not notified previous to the flight, it will not award the bonus. Often involves a promotion code.
To establish a user name and password that can be used to access the iCSP site.
On the world wide web, registering consists of obtaining a user id and password in order to get access to a web site. Usually you are asked to fill out a form to provide some information about yourself in exchange for the privilege. Normally no payment is involved.
The register of international business companies (IBCs) and exempt companies maintained by the Registrar of a tax haven.
a temporary area used during execution of an instruction to hold needed items, such as data, instructions, and addresses.
A small, high speed memory circuit within a microprocessor that holds addresses and values of internal operations; e.g., registers keep track of the address of the instruction being executed and the data being processed. Each microprocessor has a specific number of registers depending upon its design.
A hardware entity that contains an address, operand, or instruction status information.
a list of people who have applied for a certain position and have passed the corresponding test
a range of notes that all share a consistent quality and position of feeling in the body
The positioning of plates correctly to form a composite image.
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Used in the manual to describe a list. A register of accountable forms is a listing of all forms and their location or who has possession of them.
This is a list of occupational pension schemes and personal schemes kept by the Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority (OPRA) . It can be used so that member's can find schemes they have lost touch with, and so that OPRA can check that every scheme has paid the levy . The list is officially called the Pension Schemes Registry .
When registering to a website the participant actively chooses to become a member of that website, or to be part of a list of people. Always note your privacy rights when doing so.
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to sign up for a new account, submit your details.
Create a login account and profile at
A certificate issued by the collector of customs of a port or district to the owner of a vessel, containing the description of a vessel, its name, ownership, and other material facts. It is kept on board the vessel, to be used as an evidence of nationality or as a muniment of title.
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Where the clerk at MacDonald’s puts your cash.
a depository of information on fishing vessels, companies, gear, licenses or individual fishers
The person (normally a bank) responsible for keeping a register of shareholders (members) and issuing certificates for individual quoted companies, they also deal with all other shareholder administration including dividend distribution, rights and scrip issues etc.
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send by registered mail; "I'd like to register this letter"
(14) -- in painting, a horizontal band or frieze decorated with ornament or figures
a source of professional credibility able to be checked by prospective clients, employers and other professionals making referrals
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a semantic concept
To provide the van line all pertinent information regarding a shipment so that arrangements can be made to handle the shipment from start to finish.
a document, which shows the teacher and principal if learners are present. Keeping a register is useful because it alerts the teacher to learner absences, and the reason the learner is absent.
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A page-marker made of a length of ribbon, one end of which is glued to the spine before lining.
a primitive device for holding and operating on data
a sequential logic device, which can only change its value at a clock edge
a state device
periodic publication in which new regulations are published chronologically. Distinguish from regulatory code, which is arranged by topic.
Registers are named slots in which locations and regions can be saved for later use.
a holding area for an arbitrary length of text, with a single-character name
a location in the computer, with a name, that holds a single data item
See synchronous register or asynchronous register
a pool of applicants from which vacancies may be filled
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Base, or ground, line used as a `floor' for figures in Egyptian art.
Entering your personal information at an online casino in order to be identifiable on that site.
The Register is a database which shows who owns what emissions allowances. Account balances can be viewed and transactions initiated online. It combines the functionality of a land registry with that of online banking. The Register is not a trading platform; it does not support the statement of sale and purchase orders or prices.
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A stop or set of pipes in an organ.
a device for controlling one or more ranks of pipes or even a portion of a single rank
The register of nurses maintained by the Board pursuant to the Nurses Act 1985.
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The register is the highness or lowness of music or singing.
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A Web software program that reviews and totals prices for items in a shipping cart, adds shipping and taxes, and arranges for customer payment.
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a place inside the PIC that can be written to, read from or both
a complete waste of police resources and time
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Capture the call sign of a received signal and post it to the system registry for other D-STAR repeaters to use for the purposes of routing calls.
a document that accompanies most archival collections
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manipulate the registers of an organ
The correspondence of pages, columns, or lines on the opposite or reverse sides of the sheet.
Register of contaminated land sites managed by the Environmental Protection Agency.
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The inner part of the mold in which types are cast.
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Register the Java methods with the Java Virtual Machine running on the application server.
(1) To define a client node or administrator who can access the server. See registration. (2) To specify licenses that have been purchased for the server.
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a sequence of cells
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Marks Cross-hairs generally used to register one negative to the other for color registering.
A group of bound papers on which specific documents or subjects are registered.
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a container where you may save the text of the current region for later use
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A cash register that adds up the sales of goods, holds money, and provides a display of the sales for the customer.
The process of gathering initial data and entering an individual into the service system.
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Select and purchase a new course here.
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index, table contents
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See frame.
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see database.
To identify and associate a product with a company.