Definitions for "Routing"
The process of delivering a message across a network or networks.
The transport of data within a network is called routing. Passive routing is also a form of data transport within a network. The connection used for transporting is defined in the data header. In active routing, unlike in passive routing, the router determines the shortest, cheapest or next best connection based on the routing table. This makes a constant exchange of routing tables among routers in a network especially important.
The act of transferring a message from one MTA to another when the first MTA determines that the recipient is not a local account, but might exist elsewhere. Routing is normally configurable only by a network administrator. See also forwarding.
Decorative grooves or engraved lines made by running a revolving awl along a surface.
Decorative engraved lines made by a portable revolving spindle.
A technique allowing the respondent to navigate a questionnaire or response form.
Instructions to an interviewer (or respondent in self-completion questionnaires), usually directing them to the next question to be answered based on their previous responses.
The operation of translating a volume of water from one forecast point through a reach to another forecast point. Common methods are Lag-and-K, Muskingum, and dynamic wave.
A document describing the manufacture of a particular item and specifying the sequence of operations, transportation, storage and inspections to be used. It usually includes the standard times applicable, the machines, equipment, tools, operations, labor requirements and materials that are required for each operation.
The detailed description of the requirements to produce a given item, which includes the operations performed, the order in which they are done, the labor or machine resources required at each operation, and the rate those resources process the item at each operation. It may also include tooling and process or other specifications, and serves as the basis for manufacturing lead time calculations, detailed capacity planning and the cost standards associated with production. Released production orders normally include the standard routing and bill of material, unless modified for a specific order.
The process of assigning logical nets to physical wire segments in the FPGA that interconnect logic cells.
the process of placing electronic connections (traces) between pads on the board.
The process of assigning input or tape and effect returns to the output buses or the stereo bus.
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The telephone numbers of incoming calls are checked in order to find out whether the call should be transferred further - routed - to Bayern or Sachsen, Scotland or Kent. The internal transfer of calls to a worker through the ACD-system is also being called rooting. During strikes the bosses use the re-routing to other call centres in order to get their calls handled there.
The practice of instructing a person to generalize travel skills learned while performing one route that can be used to learn to travel other routes and use new modes of transportation Return to Alphabetical List
The legs of an air trip that a traveler will be flying. Note that for Domestic flights if there is a stopover greater than 4 hours, then the end route will be the one that the traveler is at for that time, whereas the delay is greater than 12 hours for International
Are specific city pairs by which an airline designates to travel.
See Distribution. (acheminement)
Enlargement of pavement cracks using a specialized machine. This provides a uniform width reservoir for the sealant. Proper choice of bit size will result in the proper depth to width ratio (depth=width). Properly used this procedure greatly increases the effectiveness and durability of crack sealing.
Zetafax can use a number of methods for delivering received faxes automatically to their intended recipient. These include giving each user their own fax number, or specifying that all faxes from a given company should be sent to a particular user.
The methods of predicting the attenuation of a flood wave as it moves down the course of a river.
sending (by email or other delivery mechanism) documents to users based on their correspondence to a pre-stored description of information need (profile). Routing systems often operate upon feeds of news or mail or newly prepared documents and decide which of those in a set of users should receive each newly received document.
The chain of transmissions by which a transaction passes from an acquirer to a card issuer in a payment system.
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