Definitions for "Commissioning"
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Use of central Government and local sources of funding to purchase/commission treatment services to meet local needs.
Identifying the health needs of local people, planning the service to meet those needs and securing the appropriate services which have been identified through service agreements with NHS trust and other providers.
Commissioning describes the means by which the local authority and health authority plan, organise and purchase services for people.
Process by which the operating systems of a building are tested and adjusted prior to occupancy.
All the detailed testing activities involved in putting a nuclear plant into service. De-commissioning is all the operations involved in reducing the plant to a safe state after its useful working life.
The process by which a power plant, apparatus, or building is approved for operation based on observed or measured operation that meets design specifications.
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Writing data to an RFID tag for the first time. Thic can happen at the factory or later using a smart label printer.
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The process by which an MES is registered for use via the Inmarsat network.
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a singular occasion for a naval vessel
Start up, calibration, and certification of a facility.
The fees charged by the dealer above the purchase price of a new vehicle. Fees can include installing optional equipment, raising a mast, etc.
The arrangements that link purchasers and providers.
advancement of an installation from the stage of static completion to full working order and achievement of the specified operational requirements.