Definitions for "Static"
Resting; acting by mere weight without motion; as, statical pressure; static objects.
Pertaining to bodies at rest or in equilibrium.
unmoving or unchanging
See noise.
Electrical charges generated in handling materials which causes them to cling together. Can jump to humans or equipment causing electric shock or may cause fire if solvent vapour is present.
The build-up of an electrical charge which causes the chopper roving to "cling" or stick to the chopper, line and/or people. The static level is quantified by measuring the electrical field strength in kilovolts per inch.
Keyword indicating that a variable is to be shared among all instances of a class.
a variable or method that exists on the class, rather than the instance of a class
A variable that is stored in a reserved area of RAM instead of in the stack. The area reserved cannot be used by other variables.
something that is permanent and can't change. In UML generalizations are normally static but there is a stereotype that allows a classification to change. See frozen.
A jackpot that is pre-determined and does not change.
classification A semantic variation of generalization in which an object may not change type or may not change role. Contrast: dynamic classification.
Static (Gianna Carina Esperanza) is one of the newer Acolytes recruited by Fabian Cortez when they were searching for Magneto, who was missing at the time. She first appeared in the X-Men: Magneto War #1 one-shot issue. She later went along with Magneto to Genosha, so it is possible she died when the Sentinels attacked the island, though unclear at the moment.
Static (Virgil Ovid Hawkins) is a fictional character, a comic book superhero. Created by writer Dwayne Mc Duffie and artist Robert L. Washington III, he first appeared in Static #1 (April 1993).
Static (aka Aaron Danks), born in Port Hedland, Western Australia is an electronic music artist & recording label owner. Static grew up in Perth, Western Australia and is still based there.
The quality of seeking stasis, certainty, or other inflexible or non-moving state.
not active or moving; "a static village community and a completely undynamic type of agriculture"; "static feudal societies"
A move which does not require lunging or jumping. (Most climbing moves.)
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the Force of stability and the status quo. Governed by Jupiter, the Eternal Ruler.
fixed in one place for a specific mission; for example, TCPs. STATREP status report
Vibrations that only cause up and down shakes.
Generated when two dissimilar surfaces rub together. It can cause prints to stick together or printing defects (of cobwebbing).
Weights The amount of thumb or finger, positive or negative side, top or bottom weight a ball has after drilling. Most people feel that this is less important overall in the high tech balls of today, with the major items causing ball reaation being the ball surface, underlying lane condition and to some extent core design.
In biology, a property of a drug that means it acts by inhibiting the growth or spread of an organism such as bacteria ( e.g., bacteriostatic). See also Cidal.
or fixed gears refers to fishing gears that are fixed to or on the seabed e.g pots, traps or nets. These types of gears are passive as opposed to mobile gears, e.g. trawl nets, which are referred to as active gears.
Most magnetic fields from therapeutic magnets are static, or level in their strength; as opposed to pulsing magnetic fields which vary their intensity and flow. (See also Pulsed Magnetic Therapy).
Static is an album by Bleach. It was released in 1998 under Forefront Records.
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angry criticism; "they will probably give you a lot of static about your editorial"
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adj. 1. (Often as ``static duration.'') Refers to an object which persists throughout the lifetime of a program, being allocated and initialized just once, at program startup. Compare automatic. See question 1.30. 2. Local to a source file, i.e. not of global scope.
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in reference to a pure HTML website that doesn’t assemble from the data provided in database.
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Can sometimes build up when the vinyl film is removed from its backing. Try to avoid working near any fabrics or carpets, as dust and fluff can be attracted to the vinyl.
refers to the type of positioning where a GPS receiver is stationary while data is collected
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position held with no movement
Without movement.
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(or dedicated) IP When a single IP is assigned to a single web site. Then the IP is said to be static.
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Keep the voltage on a phone line high (reduces static)