Definitions for "Dreamweaver"
by Macromedia: An html translator which runs on Windows computers.
Dreamweaver is the name of the web authoring software produced by Macromedia. It is the most popular web authoring software used by beginner and professional webmasters. The software is highly functional yet easy to learn. The other popular web authoring software is Microsoft FrontPage. Back to up
Dreamweaver is one of today's popular HTML editor, allowing you with more functionality.
Dreamweaver is the third album by Golem
Dreamweaver (Reflections of Our Yesterdays) is the second full-length album by the British thrash metal band, Sabbat.
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The Dreamweavers are followers of a Pagan religion that is similar to Wicca. They are from the series of books Age of the Five by Trudi Canavan. The Dreamweavers pledge to do no harm.