Definitions for "WYSIWYG"
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Pronounced "wizzy wig," a WYSIWYG program allows designers to see text and graphics on screen exactly as they will appear when printed out or published online, rather than in programming code.
hat ou ee hat ou et; an adjective applied to a program that attempts to exactly represent printed output on the screen. Related to WYSIWYM but quite different.
An interactive mode of computer processing, in which there is a screen representation of the printed output. WYSIWYG is never entirely accurate, because of the difference in resolution between display screens and printers.
What You See Is What You Got
The disclaimer warning on MS Frontpage. Basically, everything is your fault. It's little brother is WTFDYEM - why did you expect more
What You See Is What You Get.
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a java applet and with that, it will take even longer for them to load such a thing so that they can post something
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What does wysiwyg stand for