Definitions for "Disclaimer"
A denial, disavowal, or renunciation, as of a title, claim, interest, estate, or trust; relinquishment or waiver of an interest or estate.
A public disavowal, as of pretensions, claims, opinions, and the like.
In the legal sense, a repudiation, or refusal to accept an interest, right, property, estate, claim or power offered to or vested in or alleged to be a person's inheritance.
a notice stating that the mileage is incorrect and that it should be disregarded
A message which appears at the top of all notices on MERX Public Tenders, indicating that the Buying Organization, and not MERX, is accountable for language and/or content.
a notice that takes no responsibility or blame if something unforeseen should happen.
One who disclaims, disowns, or renounces.
a written instrument that declines or renounces any transfer of an interest in property (whether
a disclaimer states the terms under which a site or work may be used and provides information on what the copyright owner believes could constitute a breach of their intellectual property rights or copyright. Similarly, a disclaimer could give information on the limitations or reservations a site, its owners, and its content have with regard to its information's possible use or misuse, and could set the limits of their liability and responsibility through clear, specific declarations.
A clause in a sales, service, or other contract which attempts to limit or exonerate one party from liability in the event of a lawsuit.
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a way of saying, "I don't want this inheritance" that allows for "after the fact" estate planning in cases when the financial results of a decedent's passing may have harmful tax or other consequences for the beneficiary
a written message at the beginning or end of your video or somewhere on your videos page stating that you don't own the source material from which the video was developed, or any of the rights to any of the characters represented within. This is a tool that people use to protect themselves from litigation. Since videos use source clips and musical tracks that are owned by people other than the vidder, it is a good idea to have a disclaimer on your vidding page or within the video itself.
Also known as HEADER INFO. Traditionally put at the top of the story, a disclaimer may include a legal disclaimer announcing that you don't make money at this and don't want to infringe on the creators' rights; SPOILERS (which see) and warnings such as "character death"; a brief plot summary; a mention of distribution--what archives can post this piece without asking you for permission; a dedication or thank you to beta readers; something about story length; which chapter this is (with the format 1/5 meaning part one of five parts); and so on. Different archives and mailing lists may require different information.
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1. This website and the information it contains are meant to help make you think. It is not our intention to replace any of the wonderful tools Alcoholics Anonymous has given to us, but merely to share with you how the members of one AA group think, as a group and as individuals, of the effort to stay clean and sober. You are encouraged to glean from our experiences, but also to continue to search for the answers, which will lead you to become a better person. It’s that simple! 2. These definitions are a pretty good shot at helping you to better understand AA as we have come to know it. Please don’t get hung up on our words. Instead, just like any AA meeting you go to, take with you what’s best, and ignore what may need more work. There are plenty of both.
Used for legal purposes, many authors place these at the beginning of their fanfics. These basically say that the authors own neither the shows nor the characters, and that their fics are for entertainment purposes and not monetary gain.
a little legal line many people put up at the beginning of their FanFictions
The area of an email message, typically at the top, where it reminds the recipient how he was subscribed to an email list and how he can be removed from the email list.
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