Definitions for "licensing"
The granting of permission to use intellectual property rights, such as trademarks,...
the process of regulating the use of radio and microwave frequencies by assigning rights to use specific frequency bands in a geographic area; the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the administrative agency responsible for licensing these frequencies.
A business arrangement in which the manufacturer of a product (or a firm controlling a technology or product) grants permission to some other group, individual or corporation to manufacture that product in return for specified royalties or payments.
The legal control of the use of a title and the practice of a profession.
The issuance of a license by the WDATCP to individual commercial pesticide applicators and to commercial application businesses so that they can legally use pesticides in Wisconsin.
The legal arragement of which a music or audio creation can be used.
A process most States employ, which involves the review and approval of applications from HMOs prior to beginning operation in certain areas of the State. Areas examined by the licensing authority include: fiscal soundness, network capacity, MIS, and quality assurance. The applicant must demonstrate it can meet all existing statutory and regulatory requirements prior to beginning operations.
Refers to the process of acceptance, marketing and distribution of a new therapeutic agent to the general population after the administration of this drug in humans has been demonstrated to be safe, effective and to cause minimal side effects.
issuing, reissuing and canceling licenses, issuing license duplicates, performing license files and registers of licenses, as well as supervision over adherence to terms of licensing by licensees, issuing directives to remove violations of terms of licensing and directives to remove violation of the legislation in the sphere of licensing
A formal recognition that a person has attained a standard of proficiency in a set of knowledge, skills and abilities required to practice a trade or occupation.
a process of securing you own license with the F.C.C. (Federal Communications Commission), which should (and generally does) insure that no one else will interfere with your licensed signals. (There can have serious penalties for interfering with a F.C.C. licensed system).
Indictates which type of contract you have purchased to use the software, i.e. single-usage, subject or organization.
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The process you must go through to become a foster and/or adoptive parent.
A mandatory requirement placed upon appraisers to value property for a specified purpose. Typically, appraisers are regulated through a state licensing board requiring appraisers to meet educational, experience, and certification requirements to appraise various classifications of property.
The incorporation of a company in the jurisdiction or the approval given to a company to underwrite insurance in the jurisdiction. These are recognized to be separate approvals and may be made in separate jurisdictions
An automation system requires the library to obtain a user license, as with any type of software. Licenses are usually purchased as either a site license, which allows the library to install the automation software on as many computers desired within a single building, or on a per-computer or per-network basis.
A method of reaching international markets that does not require the establishment of international supply chains or marketing arms.