Definitions for "Underwrite"
Keywords:  syndicate, issuer, assume, resell, risk
To practice the business of insuring; to take a risk of insurance on a vessel or the like.
To assume risk, as when offering an policy or bringing a corporation's new securities issue to the public; in the latter case, the term originally applied only to firm commitment offerings, but is now used for all offerings. see also offering, fund, syndicate.
to guarantee to buy, or find buyers for, a security issue; to take on the risk of paying for losses in accordance with the conditions of an insurance contract.
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To write under something else; to subscribe.
To subscribe one's name to for insurance, especially for marine insurance; to write one's name under, or set one's name to, as a policy of insurance, for the purpose of becoming answerable for loss or damage, on consideration of receiving a certain premium per cent; as, individuals, as well as companies, may underwrite policies of insurance.
To determine whether an individual is insurable under the policy for which he has applied and at what premium rate.
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Underwriter Underwriters discount
A firm commitment made by a broker or other financial institution to purchase a block of shares at a specified price.
Underwrite means to agree to purchase or provide financial support.