Definitions for "FRONTING"
On occasion an insurer might not be allowed to accept an insurance risk (e.g. it might not be authorised to accept business in that jurisdiction or it might be authorised only to write reinsurance rather than direct insurance). In such event it (or the broker involved) might arrange for an authorised insurer to "front" the business, which is then ceded to the initial company as a reinsurance. The "fronting" insurer is remunerated by way of a fee (which is generally in the form of an over-riding commission on the premium). The practice of providing fronting capacity has one major pitfall which is that the fronting insurer is liable to the insured for the whole of the exposure. This could be a problem in the event that the reinsuring company cannot or will not pay a claim.
A situation where one insurer issues policies and reinsures all or substantially all of the risk to another insurer. Fronting typically is used in jurisdictions where the reinsurer is not licensed to do business.
The practice, in reinsurance, of the ceding company retaining only a small portion of a risk and ceding the remainder to a reinsurer.
peak shape in which the front part of a peak (before the apex) in a chromatogram tapers in advance of the remainder of the peak. There is an asymmetric distribution with a leading edge. The asymmetry factor for a fronting peak has a value less than one. The opposite effect is tailing. Fronting is related to the shape of the adsorption isotherm.
Describes a non-GAUSSIAN curve in which the peak "leads in," evidenced by slight tapering on the front part of the chromatogram's trace. Fronting is the opposite of TAILING. © 2007 Upchurch Scientific®, a Unit of IDEX® Corporation. ........................................................... Terms of Use | Privacy | Trademarks
defensive positioning whereby the 2-metre guard gets in the passing lane (between the ball and the centre forward), thereby preventing the centre forward from receiving a pass.
A defensive tactic where the player stands between the thrower and receiver, facing the receiver Can be broken by the German.
Defensive positioning whereby the hole guard gets in the passing lane (between the ball and the hole set), thereby preventing the hole set from receiving a pass.
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orientation of an earthwork vis-à-vis the enemy.
The process of switching a noun from its usual place after the verb and moving it to the front of the sentence for emphasis.
A constituent placed in the position before the verb is said to be fronted (i.e. right fronting).
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Printing only on the front side of the sheet.