Definitions for "emphasis"
A particular stress of utterance, or force of voice, given in reading and speaking to one or more words whose signification the speaker intends to impress specially upon his audience.
A technique of combining different elements to emphasize a focal point or focal area by stressing the differences in the elements. See the Composition and Design Forum.
the stress placed on a single area of a work or a unifying visual theme.
a special attention given to, or extra importance attached to, something; as, a guided tour of Egypt with emphasis on the monuments along the Nile.
A change in a slide part that draws attention to it after it is revealed. Examples: change of color, change of size, blinking, spinning
A principle of design by which the artist or designer may use opposing sizes or shapes, contrasting colors, or other means to place greater attention on certain areas or objects in a work of art.
A designated group of courses within a degree program that provides students increased exposure directed toward their major area of study.
Designated educational goal of a teaching credential candidate; either elementary (Liberal Studies) or secondary (approved single subjects).
A grouping of related courses within a major.
A peculiar impressiveness of expression or weight of thought; vivid representation, enforcing assent; as, to dwell on a subject with great emphasis.
something to which great importance is attached; as, the need for increased spending on education was the emphasis of his speech.
A principal of design that refers to the use of areas that lead the eye from one part to another and then to the most important part of a composition.
principle of design that uses a concentration of interest in particular part or area of a design.
intensity or forcefulness of expression; "the vehemence of his denial"; "his emphasis on civil rights"
the character is thickened, either vertically or horizontally or both, by redrawing it in different positions.
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see Resonance.
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In FM transmission, emphasis is the intentional alteration of the amplitude-vs.-frequency characteristics of the signal to reduce adverse effects of noise in a communication system.
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see Appendix B
Highlighting, color change, or other visible indication of conditions relative to an object or choice that affects a user's ability to interact with that object or choice. Emphasis can also give a user additional information about the state of a choice or an object.
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Making an element or an object in a work stand out
Can be achieved with any element to make an area stand out.
adds variation or interest to a design. (see contrast)