Definitions for "import"
A countrys imports reflect the value of goods and services that were purchased...
To bring in from abroad; to introduce from without; especially, to bring (wares or merchandise) into a place or country from a foreign country, in the transactions of commerce; -- opposed to export. We import teas from China, coffee from Brazil, etc.
Merchandise imported, or brought into a country from without its boundaries; -- generally in the plural, opposed to exports.
To carry or include, as meaning or intention; to imply; to signify.
To signify; to purport; to be of moment.
That which a word, phrase, or document contains as its signification or intention or interpretation of a word, action, event, and the like.
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as in `import aPackage.aClass' or `import aPackage.*'
Statement used at the beginning of a Java class to make code from other Java packages available for use within the class. Note that, unlike the C #include directive, importing Java classes, even with the wildcard indicator "*", does not increase the size of the importing class.
a Java directive to include definitions (and the class binary) from a library. import java.util.*; import com.windofkeltia.locale; information hiding a design principle by which information best hidden, but crucial to an implementation is kept away either to protect it from corruption or to keep consumers of an implementation from relying upon its details. inheritance refers to the fact that a class “inherits” or acquires all the properties including data and methods of its super- or parent class.
A Java keyword used at the beginning of a source file that can specify classes or entire packages to be referred to later without including their package names in the reference.
To be of importance or consequence to; to have a bearing on; to concern.
Importance; weight; consequence.
concern. (Othello)
The process of gathering graphical and audio elements from outside sources.
a person who resides outside the boundaries of New Brunswick
Ability to get huge amounts of data from an outside source allowing you to create hundreds and thousands of rows of seemingly meaningful data.
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The process of loading external data into a database table.
Import mailing list contact information using using universal standard CSV format
Import is an EndNote function you use after you have first saved reference from a database search. You then import the references into an EndNote Library.
Commonly used to refer to documents or images created by one application in one platform that are opened by another application or in a different platform. For example, opening a MSWord document using WordPerfect, a PC MSWord document on a Macintosh®, or a Photoshop image with Fireworks.
To transfer text or images into the current document or application, "Get Text or Get Picture"
To merge text and graphics into a document that you are currently creating or editing with the aid of a computer program.
a meaning that is not expressly stated but can be inferred; "the significance of his remark became clear only later"; "the expectation was spread both by word and by implication"
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a wholesale company which supplies retailer and flea market vendors with gifts, lucky bamboo, home decorations and Oriental clothes
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Process of loading an original graph or map image into Engauge Digitizer
Copying data from a client program, such as Microsoft Excel 2002, into the SharePoint team Web site.
to copy music from an external source, such as a CD or your computer's hard drive, into My Music.
The process of incorporating information entered into a remote device or program into your primary PTWin32 installation.
In hydrologic terms, water piped or channeled into an area
A function that allows the user to import the entirety of another site's content, content from selected tools, or combine the content from multiple sites into one site.
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Impulse Impulse Response
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Process that imports contact information into a contact table, which is then used to build a dialing list associated with a particular campaign and query rule.
Installation of routes from the routing protocols into a routing table.
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a young company
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value, price