Definitions for "Exporting"
Exporting is the transfer of data from one program into another, or saving the data into a different format.
Outputting report information in another format, to be used in a different application. RemoteScope provides nearly 40 formats and variations for exporting report information.
Sending data to an external file or machine. How the client program transmits data to a file, or how that file is transmitted to a server.
selling and shipping raw materials or products to other nations
the commercial activity of selling and shipping goods to a foreign country
selling of an organization's products to a foreign broker or agent.
A variable is placed in the environment by exporting it using the export command.
Exporting writes text from Personal Knowbase articles into external text files which you can then open in other applications such as word processors. For more information, see the Export Command (File Menu).
Identifying a directory on an NFS server that can be remotely mounted by NFS clients.
Using The Journal's export features to make entries available to other software or to synchronize Journal Volumes.