Definitions for "Exporter"
One who exports; the person who sends goods or commodities to a foreign country, in the way of commerce; -- opposed to importer.
The party that has contracted to sell goods. Also known as seller or beneficiary.
The person on whose behalf the export declaration is made and who is the owner of the goods or has a similar right of disposal over them (Art. 788 CCIP). Under other Regulations it is the person who is partner of the export contract, the holder of an export licence or who is entitled to export refunds
An accredited export abattoir or boning room which slaughters and or prepares stock for export markets.
an object which generates a remote reference of a particular type (based on transport selection, security requirements etc) for a back-end remote object implementation
A transporter that functions in the outward direction.
transporter which functions in the outward direction.
Refers to any program designed to export availability data from an operator's scheduling software to the availability calendar on the Industry Exchange.
An exporter is a software application that writes out a data file in a format different from its native format. It does this via special algorithms (such as filters). An exporter often is not an entire program by itself, but an extension to another program, implemented as a plug-in.
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a service or some third party acting as an agent for the service, which places a service offer into a trader