Definitions for "bonded"
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Placed under, or covered by, a bond, as for the payment of duties, or for conformity to certain regulations.
This means that certain imported goods are stored under customs' charge viz. customs seal either until the import duties due are paid or until re-export of the goods. E.g.: 1. Bonded goods, 2. Bonded store, 3. Bonded warehouse.
The action of storing goods where imported duties are not yet paid to the Customs. Such action involves: Bonded goods - a general term referring to those goods which duties have not been paid Bonded store - a location on a vessel where bonded goods are stored till the vessel leaves the port Bonded warehouse - a warehouse used to store bonded goods
Some states that license auctioneers require them to purchase surety bonds to protect those who deal with them from loss. These bonds are typically small in amount.
An amount paid as surety.
The furnishing of a surety bond to place under guarantee.
the joining of atoms caused by differences in their electrical charges.
A fabric composed of 2 or more layers joined together with an adhesive ,resin, foam, or fusible membrane.
1. Adhesive application of a metallic shielding tape to the dielectric of a coaxial cable to improved electrical performance and ease of connector installation. Also refers to adhesive application of a metallic shielding taper to the jacket of a cable. 2. Steel is bonded to polyethylene with a copolymer adhesive All STALPETH and some ASP cables are bonded. Provides extra strength to jacket, primarily used in underground applications.
Having a fidelity bond that covers each employee, to protect a company against loss or damage due to dishonest acts.
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To be attached to a surface with cement or mortar.
Securely and mechanically connected by screws, copper braid, or other means.
Guaranteed by a bond, thereby insuring that a payment is made or that specific...
The vehicle required posting of a bond in order to register or place a title on the vehicle
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secured by written agreement
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See Bond, In.