Definitions for "Payment"
A payment in GoldMoney is the nearly instantaneous movement of goldgrams from one user's Holding (the payer) to another user's Holding (the payee). This exchange of goldgrams transfers ownership of goldgrams (and the precise quantity of grams of gold at the Vault) from the payer to the payee.
a representation of a financial object corresponding to funds that will or have been transferred from one party to another
a transfer of funds from the appropriate TxDOT financial account to pay for any costs of the miscellaneous contracts
Monthly installments paid by the borrower to the lender in order to repay the loan.
An agreed upon dollar amount paid in regular installments by a Buyer. The most common installment method for Notes is monthly payments, but can be quarterly, semi-annual, annual or any mutually agreeable schedule.
a sum of money paid
The act of paying, or giving compensation; the discharge of a debt or an obligation.
That which is paid; the thing given in discharge of a debt, or an obligation, or in fulfillment of a promise; reward; recompense; requital; return.
The partial or complete discharge of an obligation by its settlement in the form of the transfer of funds, assets, or services equal to the monetary value of part or all of the debtor's obligation. see also deferred payment, prepayment, prepayment risk, prepayment penalty, prepayment privilege, single-payment loan, additional principal payment, graduated payment, balance of payments, immediate payment annuity, stop payment, transfer payments, receive versus payment, standard payment calculation, down payment, periodic payment plan, minimum payment.
Cash disbursement to liquidate costs. date, name, type amount, description Checks issued by Treasury.
a reimbursement for tax purposes where the recipient is compensated exactly (meaning precisely, as opposed to approximately), whether wholly or partly, for an expense already incurred although not necessarily disbursed
a reimbursement when the recipient is compensated exactly, either in whole or in part, for an expense already incurred
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Punishment; chastisement.
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A debit to an account outside an association via ACH to make a payment on a loan or Insurance and Financial Services product.
Payment of an order (debit/credit) in PNS and TBF.
payment - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
The cost of services ordered by you is calculated together with usage costs at the end of the Fair. If there are different invoicing procedures for any inlayeridual services, these are explained in the price information for the relevant service.
We accept major credit cards. Payment is due at the time your order is placed. You may be billed a U.S. dollars sales tax on your final invoice total depending on the state you are in.
The scheduled periodic installment made to service a debt.
An amount of money due to a lender and is meant to reduce the remaining balance due on the loan on a set schedule.
decimal Amount The actual value for a complex payment (such as interestPayment) when a schedule is not warranted.
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the act of paying money
a positive number, while money received is a negative number
a set amount of money that is due every week or month
The periodic amount due to repay a lender for the proceeds of a loan. It includes principal repayment, interest repayment, and often escrows for taxes and insurance premiums.
The amount is that required to repay a loan with interest and fees.
holiday - a period of one or more months when you don't make repayments on your loan or mortgage, although interest continues to accrue during that time.
a matter for the discretion of the decision-maker, having regard to the specific circumstances of each claim
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See Part II, 45 CFR 164.501.
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a new easy-to-implement, highly reliable credit card processing
A payment is the portion of the principal and interest that the borrower pays each month to the lender.
The amount of principal and interest you pay each month.
Your monthly mortgage payment, including principal and interest, but excluding Tax and insurance payments.
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