Definitions for "Relevant"
Bearing upon, or properly applying to, the case in hand; pertinent; applicable.
Evidence or information that has enough value to prove something significant to a case.
Appropriately retrieved in response to a given query.
having crucial relevance; "crucial to the case"; "relevant testimony"
crucially noteworthy, significantly important, or of principal nature in the light of e.g. business requirements.
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Relevant is an Object-Relational data-mapper. The main goal is performance. We're going to write a code-generator to generate the native java-classes to prevent reflection. Database-independency is a MUST.
means: related to the active constituent and/or product; and related to the claims and use patterns.
Relevant in SEO term refers to web sites that have similar or related theme. Whether or not it helps your search engine ranking is still a big debate among the SEO communities. However, one thing that we know for sure is that linking to and from relevant web sites help increases qualified targeted traffic. See also: Relevancy
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The NAA that issued the Type Certificate (TC) accepted as the basis of the Australian type NAA certification of a particular model of aircraft.
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anything written by an Eminence.
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The relevant factor here is that the word is not " revelant," " revelent," or even " relevent." [l] before [v] and the suffix -ant.
Relieving; lending aid or support.
Sufficient to support the cause.