Definitions for "Observation"
Things or phenomena that are perceived through one or more of the basic five senses in their normal state. In addition, to be accepted as factual, the observations must be verifiable by other.
the collection of information through the use of the physical senses (sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste).
The use of the five senses to note a phenomenon.
The act of recognizing and noting some fact or occurrence in nature, as an aurora, a corona, or the structure of an animal.
The recognizing, noting and record ing of facts or occurrences, often involving measuring with instruments. [D03039] RMW
the noting and recording of facts and events.
The information so acquired; as, to record one's observations carefully.
A research technique in which no direct questions are asked, but people in a public place (e.g. shoppers and drivers) are watched and their behaviour recorded.
The noting carefully of people's emotions, physical characteristics, and voice and diction patterns from which characters are modeled.
An unobtrusive method for gathering information about how the program/initiative operates. Observations can be highly structured, with protocols for recording specific behaviors at specific times, or unstructured, taking a more casual “look-and-see” approach to understanding the day-to-day operation of the program. Data from observations are used to supplement interviews and surveys in order to complete the description of the program/initiative and to verify information gathered through other methods.
a provable, verifiable reality
noticing someone and judging his/her action in some way.  As teachers, we observe our learners everyday, usually in an unstructured way.  This is a type of assessment.
An expression of an opinion or judgment upon what one has observed; a remark.
a remark expressing careful consideration
a general preliminary remark usually concerning assumptions underlying various arguments.
A data collection strategy in which the activities of subjects are visually examined. The observer attempts to keep his/her presence from interfering in or influencing any behaviors.
A non-verbal means of obtaining primary data as an alternative or complement to questioning.
a row in a SAS data set. An observation is a collection of data values associated with a single entity, such as a customer or state. Each observation contains one data value for each variable. See also variable.
The act or the faculty of observing or taking notice; the act of seeing, or of fixing the mind upon, anything.
The result of an act, or of acts, of observing; view; reflection; conclusion; judgment.
Specifically, the act of measuring, with suitable instruments, some magnitude, as the time of an occultation, with a clock; the right ascension of a star, with a transit instrument and clock; the sun's altitude, or the distance of the moon from a star, with a sextant; the temperature, with a thermometer, etc.
The perceived attribute of a sonic element, on which a personal judgment about its quality is based. Observations are described by subjective terms such as "smooth," "woolly," or "spacious."
The process used by a supervisor to evaluate a worker's ability to work according to the job description.
a description of what you see or perceive
a wonderful way for a parent to absorb the surroundings of a Montessori classroom
The data collection process to be used by the observer during the planned classroom visitations.
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Odds | Offline | Ogive (in time chart) | Omnibus (survey) | Online | Open Source | Open Space Technology | Open-ended | Operating system | Opinion poll
Watching something and taking note of anything it does. For instance, you might observe a bird flying by watching it closely.
An individual or event is watched for a specified length of time.
Closely monitoring a patient's condition but withholding treatment until symptoms appear or change. Also called watchful waiting.
the act of observing; taking a patient look
looking at things to find how they look.
Observation means looking at people and listening to them talk. One can infer the meaning, characteristics, motivations, feelings and intentions of others on the basis of observations (Kerlinger, 1986).
Type of service used by doctors and hospitals to decide whether you need inpatient hospital care or whether you can recover at home or in an outpatient area. Usually charged by the hour.
A single new case of cancer, cancer death or hospital separation.
Performance of what is prescribed; adherence in practice; observance.
A practice, while not in strict violation of EMS requirements, may constitute a poor practice that can lead to a nonconformance
An instructional strategy for developing co-operation and observation skills. Students form pairs, facing each other. Each observes the appearance of the other. Student A turns away while student B changes something about her or his appearance. Student A turns back and tries to determine what the change was. An observation strategy can also be used as a listening activity, in which student B changes something about a known song; or a dance exploration activity, in which student B changes a step or one of the elements of movement.
a requirement for renal dialysis technology students
A systematic plan for gathering useful pieces of information about students. This can include what a student does or does not know and/or can or cannot do. This information in turn makes it possible to plan ways to encourage students' strengths and work on weaknesses.
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a dataset processing through the pipeline
A sensor reading from a Device, such as current, pressure, temperature, valve state or voltage. Observations are represented in Livingstone as Observation Variable
an uninterpreted instance of a characteristic obtained by applying a single instrument to a single modeling technique
A component of an observing script for a particular purpose; typically just pointing at a source, but maybe an on/off, a pointing determination, a line of a mosaic, or what have you.
The most common of the seven modes. Its positive pole is clarity; its negative pole is surveillance. In observation mode, one releases one's energy neutrally.
Sometimes it is necessary for the assessor to observe a candidate at work in order to generate an observation report for inclusion in their portfolio (as a demonstration of good customer relationship skills for example.)
'Check box' comments used to describe deficiencies or the general condition of the components.
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offset oppose otherwise over
a complete statement of one thought that is true according to the text
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See weather observation.
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See row.
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what one has seen or noted