Definitions for "Observer"
Someone selected to aid the referee in a competition to ensure that it is played in agreement with the Rules of Golf.
One who ensures that a golf match or round is played in accordance with the Rules of Golf.
A person who is appointed to assist the referee in a match, to decide questions of fact and report any breach of rules.
a group member who has passed the IAM test and undergone training to enable him or her to assist you in attaining the required standard to pass the test yourself
an aircrew member of a (military) aircraft responsible for searching (usually visually) for intelligence, opposing forces and survivors of interest to the mission
an aircrew member of a (milit
An observer to the GATT is a country or international organization that has been authorized by the GATT Council (Sec. Ill) to attend but not participate in sessions of the Council and various GATT committees and negotiating groups. Most countries in transition have been accepted as observers to GATT, which allows officials from these countries to familiarize themselves with Western trade practices and consultation procedures. The International Monetary Fund and UNCTAD (Sec. Ill) are among the institutional observers to GATT.
the Conference of the Parties and its subsidiary bodies normally permit accredited observers to attend their meetings. Observers include the United Nations and its specialised agencies, non-Party states, representatives of other conventions, and other qualified governmental and non-governmental organisations.
a member of our local League who attends meetings of elected and appointed governmental bodies within our county
BEST Observer Group Becoming an Observer Group is the first step into BEST. An Observer is not yet a member of BEST, but the group's members can participate to BEST events.
Delegate to an assembly who observes and reports but does not participate officially in its activities.
A person in a Formal Technical Review who participates silently, does not interact, merely watches the proceedings.
An object that receives notification events from a notifier object with which it is registered. See notification event. Contrast with notifier.
an object that monitors changes to the data in an observable object
an object that tracks changes to other objects
Observer (also known as Brain Guy) is a fictional character on the Mystery Science Theater 3000 television series. He was played by Bill Corbett, and appeared on the eighth through tenth seasons of the series. Observer is a hyperintelligent, psychic alien from a planet of fellow aliens confusingly sharing the name "Observer".
an entity that doesn't get 'double slitted' for the remainder of the lifetime of the universe
an entity that will not be 'double slitted', my shorthand for specifying an entity whose multiple branches do not take part in a future phase interference experiment
a kind of MadKit watcher specially designed for the TurtleKit simulations
One who keeps any law, custom, regulation, rite, etc.; one who conforms to anything in practice.
a tamper-resistant computer chip provided by the bank to the customer's smartcard or the customer's PC card (formerly called PCMCIA card)
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A sycophantic follower.
One who observes, or pays attention to, anything; especially, one engaged in, or trained to habits of, close and exact observation; as, an astronomical observer.
The person who prepared, or is otherwise responsible for an approved observing program. The observer is usually an astronomer.
An observer nation may not sponsor resolutions or vote on substantive matters. It may caucus, make speeches and vote on procedural matters.
an expert who observes and comments on something
one who observes; a spectator who takes notice of something
A person or piece of equipment that measures something in physics. Frequently, we speak of an observer measuring time or a distance in a particular place.
A function that returns values within an ST_SpatialObject.(empty)
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In meteorology, anyone who takes a weather observation.
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Someone too lazy to get involved
In drug testing, the individual who watches the donor urinate into a collection container or specimen bottle when a direct-observed collection is required.
Someone who watches a group process and gives feedback on it.
a being conscious of a relationship between itself and a system
a mechanism for reconstructing the state of a dynamic system based on a limited number of measurements of the system
a system which, through interactions, retains a representation of another system (the observed system) within it
A concept used in radar research, applicable to trading, in how often and what manner detection or radar contact is achieved.
Enforcement staff placed on board fishing vessels to monitor by-catch and use of selective fishing techniques.
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An extra position(s) in each mobile unit that can be asked to perform any task necessary by the Team Leader.
a person who is not eligible for membership to either side of a committee
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a person who becomes aware (of things or events) through the senses
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One who fulfills or performs; as, an observer of his promises.
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a person who makes measurements (observations) on a system to gain information about it