Definitions for "Public Meeting"
An announced meeting conducted by transportation officials designed to facilitate participation in the decision-making process and to assist the public in gaining an informed view of a proposed project at any level of the Transportation Project Development Process. Also, such a gathering may be referred to as a Public Information Meeting.
a more formal meeting in a large group setting with an outlined agenda and presentations, whereas an availability session is an informal meeting which allows the community to ask questions of federal representatives one-on-one
a non-adversarial, fact-finding proceeding conducted by an FAA representative
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a great way of creating public debate where there is strong opposition to a wind farm and pro-wind voices aren't being heard
a formal or informal event designed for a specific issue or community group where information is presented and input from community residents is received.
a higher risk exposure then a movement within the more secure walls of an office or residence
A formal event held prior to a decision that gathers community comments and positions from all interested parties for public record and input into decisions.
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a good forum to achieve this support
A public forum with community members for communication about a site.