Definitions for "MEMBERS"
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liverworts (Marchantia)
an article from the Banking, Finance and Accounting Industries category
an article from the Food and Beverage Industries category
In a nonprofit corporation, the persons who elect the board of directors of the nonprofit corporation and enjoy such other rights as may be provided by the Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws and state law.
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a nice nod to this readership but there is another way to pay the piper, namely by e Learning-credits, or 'eLCs'
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a touchstone of FoMA activity
a board of officers and trustees, comprised of a president, president elect, vice president, treasurer, executive director/secretary, trustees and trustees-at-large, and national chairpersons representing eight countries
an intensive Norwegian-language course that covers a first-year curriculum in eight weeks
The abbreviation for mental retardation with cerebral palsy is MRCP, which also stands for Member of the Royal College of Physicians.
a Press Card, approved by the European Union, and certifying that 'FEIEA is a federation of professional associations in Europe for those involved in corporate, business and company publications, journalism and communication
All economic development agencies at the local, county, regional and state level are eligible to use this service as well as private real estate, utility companies or various transportation companies with service within the State of Pennsylvania.  Complete functionality on the web site is available to members, which allows the entry of candidate sites, access to extensive data and information, tutorial guidance and assistance on the development process.  The Technical Administrator must approve all members.
a distinguishing difference between the historic SEMA and today's evolved association," said Sheffer
a positive and creative approach to dealing with a complex social and political - as well as psychological - issue
a responsibility and privilege that I would approach with vigor and enthusiasm
a substitute for the absolutely crucial strategic job they have in auto," he says
Java classes define and document three kinds of members: constructors, methods, and fields. Almost everything that we can say about a class is said about one of these members.
an invitation to join Snipersonline
a wonderful incentive and honor, and I recommend this option
The people who will hear the case and make the decision. They are appointed by the Governor-in-Council on the recommendation of the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice. They have knowledge in law, social work, medicine, psychology, and education or in some other way have special knowledge to understand cases like yours.
a wholesome corrective, reminding us that God's witnesses in science, technology, teaching, and other callings are also essential to His plans
Attribute lists and Texture lists may have more than one level, allowing some truly amazing effects. Each level is referred to as a "member." Each member is a complete list in its own right, and all of the member lists are saved in the overall Attribute or Texture list to which they belong.
Either or both data and method s belonging to a class (class members).
a retired archivist and he has volunteered to archive all the material we have in boxes and cupboards
Individuals and organisations with an interest in the development and well being of an NHS Foundation Trust who register as members. In a similar way to becoming a member of a co-operative society or mutual organisation, the members of an NHS Foundation Trust will become its owners, taking on responsibility for their local NHS services from national Government. Composition of the membership differs between individual NHS Foundation Trusts. Applicants will identify who will be members of the NHS Foundation Trust as part of their final applications.
a foundational source of our ability to share in a trusting and frank environment and to draw value from the diversity of cultures and industries represented among our peers
Members of the PROTRADE community who buy and sell athletes within their portfolio to maximize their appreciation.
All those Entities which have signed a contract of adhesion to the SENAF having accepted all its stipulations.
Members of an organisation are Webstore users who have a username and password to be able to use all the functions available when they are logged on. See Log On and Browse (Logged on).
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an integral part of SEWA activity
Countries or customs territories that are members of the WTO.
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a violation of the Academy's Safety Code
an assurance that the product is strictly graded for its intended end use
a powerful electronic medical transcription product
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a matter that has not been as frequent a topic for discussion as it was two decades ago
a commitment to increasing the effectiveness of the distribution process within the channel by providing quality products and top-notch, value-added customer service through partnership with their trading partners
a changed and greatly reduced conventional marketplace
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a notation of the types of loans they do
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a recovering alcoholic and a member of your staff
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an excellent resource
Short-hand for "Members of Congress," the individuals serving as senators or representatives in Congress.
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Generic term used to refer to MPs.
a major marketing goal of the organization
a music major
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a valid "measurement" of respect
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a smaller circle of women
an interest in technology and a desire to be a part of a national
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The addresses in a specific group in your address book.
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a very generous act
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a very real one