Definitions for "Affiliate"
To adopt; to receive into a family as a son; hence, to bring or receive into close connection; to ally.
(USA) A person that controls, is controlled by, or... Add a comment
a working relationship that allows for some degree of control over each other by the parties involved or by a third party; an individual or enterprise that allows an agreed-to degree of control by another see a comment about .network affiliations. Affiliation agreements may include sharing management, ownership, facilities, or equipment as well as cooperating in marketing and sales or exchanging information or personnel. definition of affiliate defined what is a business affiliation what is an affiliation definition of affiliation defined what is an affiliation agreement means giving up control
Companies that sell other manufacturers' or retailers' (sponsoring merchants) products on their Web sites. Users select a product at the affiliate Web site, but the sale is actually transacted at the sponsoring merchant's Web site. Affiliates are similar in concept to industry-based manufacturer representatives that sell multiple manufacturers' product lines. [Go to source
When you're promoting someone else's paysite or product, this is you. An affiliate is someone who promotes someone else's product in order to make a commission on any sales to surfers sent by them.
You may have one or more Affiliates who receive money based on the number of sales awarded to your account. You can sign up Affiliates and use them as traffic generators. Each Affiliate places links on their site to promote your products. In exchange, the Affiliate receives a commission for all valid transactions sent.
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One part of a broadcast network.
An independently owned and operated local station which carries the programming of a major network and/or national programming service.
A broadcast station (television or radio) with a contract designating the broadcast of certain network programs and commercials.
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see referral
A "referral only" agent of SSF who does not sell the product to the consumer.
To connect or associate one's self; -- followed by with; as, they affiliate with no party.
To become closely connected or associated
An individual associated with an enterprise. In the case of the University of Georgia, these affiliates include students, faculty, staff, dependents, alumni, and potentially others.
the publisher/salesperson in an affiliate marketing relationship.
The publisher in an affiliate marketing relationship. Example:
To fix the paternity of; -- said of an illegitimate child; as, to affiliate the child to (or on or upon) one man rather than another.
Someone who sets up a business that is inbetween the original manufacturer and the end customer. Often these are not wholesalers, but store fronts. Most often, affiliates do not handle product delivery or customer support
A person who owns a business between the original manufacturer and the client (end user).
Companies that assist carriers with building a wireless network. The affiliate may use the primary carrier's brand name, network operations, customer service or other facilities.
Companies who work with larger carriers to build a nationwide network. Affiliates may use the larger carrier's brand name, network operations, customer service or other resources.
Under US Securities Law, the term affiliate refers to a person who may have the ability to impact the performance of a given company's securities. For instance, directors, senior management, strategic investors, etc., may fall under the legal definition of affiliate. Affiliates need therefore to hold their securities in restricted facilities. Legal advice is recommended to identify who may be considered an affiliate within the company.
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asset stripper Acquired surplus
An individual who markets one or more of the PartyGaming brands and earns revenue from real money players' generated revenue.
a local club whose purpose is to provide activities for, and communication between JR enthusiasts within a local geographic area. ( info)
State where your account is located, such as Michigan or Illinois.
Related corporation whereby ownership is not more than 50%.
Active distributor member of A-D. Membership is by invitation only, based on local ownership, local market power, and financial strength.
To attach (to) or unite (with); to receive into a society as a member, and initiate into its mysteries, plans, etc.; -- followed by to or with.
(also referred to as new member)
To join with an organization. Colonies petition national organizations to affiliate with them. A member who switches schools may also affiliate with the chapter at his/her new school.
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Some auxiliary person or thing.
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A bank operating in the card business via a principal licensee.
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To connect in the way of descent; to trace origin to.
Any organization with which a political committee has significant financial ties and which is presumed to be represented in its interests by the political committee.
A component of the Foundation that serves a particular geographic area within the Foundation's area of service