Definitions for "Acquisition"
The act or process of acquiring.
The purchase of one commercial enterprise by another, whether for cash, or in a trade of stock of the purchasing company for that of the purchased company.
The thing acquired or gained; an acquirement; a gain; as, learning is an acquisition.
The act of obtaining control of a corporation, called a target, either by stock...
"The process by which archives add to their holdings by accepting material as a transfer, donation, loan or purchase. See also Deposit." (KA, p.460)
The act of obtaining records for the archives, through donations, transfers, loans, or purchase.
Acquisition is a gnutella client written in Objective-C for Mac OS X.
Acquisition is a Gnutella-based peer-to-peer and Bit Torrent client for Mac OS X. It is based on Lime Wire and is a shareware product, priced at $18.99. Acquisition is noted for being one of the most polished peer-to-peer applications available for Mac OS X, making full use of Apple's Cocoa APIs.
The picking up of a language through meaningful conversation. Similar to the way a child learns his or her first language. There is no formal study of forms and grammar. Acquisition is often contrasted to learning a language through conscious study of forms such as schooling. Acquisition will occur when a learner is exposed to meaningful, comprehensible input.
The first step in memory formation, acquisition is the process of learning new information. close window
A process by which children develop their first language through informal, implicit learning. (Frequently contrasted with LEARNING.)
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The transfer of ownership (title) of an object to the organization.
7Akwi5ziF[n / n. the act of getting land, power, money etc; something that you have bought or obtained, especially a valuable object
The process of taking title or ownership to something.
(1) Image captured by satellite sensor. (2) The process of searching for and locking onto a received signal.
the process of measuring and storing image data.
The initial process of aligning a spread spectrum receiver's local PN sequence with the corresponding sequence received from the transmitter. After acquisition, synchronization must be maintained in order to despread the RF signal, and is accomplished through one of several code tracking techniques.
All types of activities which can be related to the locating and marketing to prospective new customers. Also known as 'solicitation' or 'recruitment'
The addition of a new customer to the client base, often the result of a successful marketing campaign using best-prospect profiles and targeted messages. It costs a company four times more to attract new customers than to retain current ones.
The events or activities undertaken to obtain new customers. Acquisition may be done periodically through specific marketing campaigns or on an ongoing basis. The types or quality of new customers can have a significant and lasting effect on key performance indicators.
This is used to mean the conversion of a video signal into MPEG-1 data which is stored on a SpectreView Server.
(Vision Sensing) The manner in which outside information is brought into an analysis system; an image acquisition generally involves A/D conversion.
Describes the point at which a potential customer performs some kind of conversion, such as a sale, sign up, or lead. Compiling acquisition data allows you to calculate the cost per conversion, or cost per acquisition (CPA).
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The subject of a bounty.
a major strategic initiative
On this site, the term is used to indicate the full life of a system from initial concept and planning, through development and maintenance and operations (M&O) and continuing until the system is retired or shut down.
The conceptualization, initiation, design, development, test, contracting, production, deployment, logistic support (LS), modification, and disposal of weapons and other systems, supplies, or services (including construction) to satisfy DoD needs, intended for use in or in support of military missions.
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a pre-emptive strike to bolster its dominant position
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is a very broad term. It includes the things you buy (goods and services) for your business or enterprise. It also includes many other transactions, such as when you obtain advice or information, take out a lease of business premises or hire business equipment.
Acquisition is the 18th episode (production #119) of the television series Star Trek: Enterprise.
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a blunt tool
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A procedure by which a fire control tracking radar attains initial lock-on. Usually, the approximate target coordinates are supplied to the tracking radar and it searches a predetermined volume of space to locate the target.
Operational phase of a fire-control or track radar during which the radar system searches a small volume of space in a pre-arranged pattern.
a key milestone in our efforts to build a chemicals organization focused on specific end markets where our management team brings considerable experience and expertise
n. Anything gained, or made one's own, usually by effort or labor.
The recording of data in surface readout mode using Warrior software
The gradual formation of an association between the conditioned and unconditioned stimuli. go to glossary index
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Uptake of virus by a vector.
competent eligible isolate represent tally
This is the 11th sign counting from the lot of fortune counting fortune itself as the 1st and going in a counterclockwise direction. Similar in nature to the 11th house.
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When a site fulfils its role. Enquiry, download or more usually sale.
As used in Section 4.01.00 of the Land Development Code, the action of transferring fee simple interest in a parcel of land to a governmental or non-profit land conservation agency for the preservation in perpetuity of the land for the protection of a particular species, natural area or other environmental resource.
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Additional Bonds Test Adequacy of coverage Additional Margin
Part of the biometric system that controls audio and video recording. Acquisition runs in the background and provides audio and video data.
Association between stimulus and behavior strengthens after pairing of CS and US
adding an artifact to a collection
Physically taking possession of an item which will be included in a managed collection. Installation is a synonym.
a NEW download, registration and deposit
the formation of a new conditioned response tendency.
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The input of data into a computer system through direct data entry, acquisition from a medical device or other means.
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Acquisition cost Across the board