Definitions for "vendor"
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A company which supplies parts or services to another company. also called supplier.
The seller; the person selling. Venue Location; in a legal context it usually refers specifically to the location of a judicial hearing. For example, if a criminal case has a very high media profile in a particular city, the defense may ask for a "change of venue" to ensure objective witnesses.
A company or person that has agreed to provide goods or services for an agreed-upon price. Each vendor has a vendor number, which can be looked up in the Vendor Book.
An individual or business from which we solicit services or products.
an organization that provides products or services to another organization.
n. A company or person that either supplies a product or service to IBM or supplies something to IBM customers.
"venditore, venditrice ambulante"
If a vendor specification is included in the PSF, swpackage requires the "vendor" and "tag" keywords.
a person or organisation offering a babywearing product for sale under wholesale or retail conditions
Party who offers a property for sale.
A person offering a property for sale.
See provider.
A entity that provides leased property to customers.
In the telecommunications industry this title identifies an individual or entity who or which provides private customer owned pay telephones to location owners or agents. (Another name for an independent payphone provider.)
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We use this term to refer to our CLEC partners. They are our line vendors for all DSL and T1 orders.
a third party administrator of many of Caterpillar's benefit functions including eligibility and claims payment
Each NAS has a vendor associated with it. A vendor may specify attributes for the NAS that are not part of the standard specification.
an organization that has a caching product
The manufacturer or distributor of an item or product line.
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The owner(s) of the business to be sold.
The owner of the property to be sold.
The owner of an asset being sold.
an insured party under the standard mortgage clause in a residential property policy issued More than one practitioner insured under one policy
Refers to any business or individual paid through Accounts Payable
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Vendor A string specifying the vendor of the server.
an organization that specializes in either community access or employment
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See Database vendor.
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See local system vendor; materials vendor.