Definitions for "String"
In various indoor games, a score or tally, sometimes, as in American billiard games, marked by buttons threaded on a string or wire.
A hoax; a trumped-up or "fake" story.
a sequence of similar objects or events sufficiently close in time or space to be perceived as a group; a string of accidents; a string of restaurants on a highway.
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A small cord, a line, a twine, or a slender strip of leather, or other substance, used for binding together, fastening, or tying things; a cord, larger than a thread and smaller than a rope; as, a shoe string; a bonnet string; a silken string.
A thread or cord on which a number of objects or parts are strung or arranged in close and orderly succession; hence, a line or series of things arranged on a thread, or as if so arranged; a succession; a concatenation; a chain; as, a string of shells or beads; a string of dried apples; a string of houses; a string of arguments.
The cord of a musical instrument, as of a piano, harp, or violin; specifically (pl.), the stringed instruments of an orchestra, in distinction from the wind instruments; as, the strings took up the theme.
The boards running up both sides of the steps on a staircase.
The timber beams running up each side of a flight of stairs. That one fixed to the wall is the 'wall string'; the other is the 'outer string'.
The sloping board which joins together the treads and risers of a staircase.
A one-dimensional string-like mathematical object used as a means of representing the properties of fundamental particles in string theory, one theory of particle physics; such hypothetical objects are one-dimensional and very small (10-33 cm) but exist in more than four spatial dimensions, and have various modes of vibration. Considering particles as strings avoids some of the problems of treating particles as points, and allows a unified treatment of gravity along with the other three forces (electromagnetism, the weak force, and the strong force) in a manner consistent with quantum mechanics. See also string theory.
fundamental one-dimensional object that is the essential ingredient in string theory.
An attempt to construct a model of elementary particles from one-dimensional "strings" rather than the standard zero-dimensional "points" of conventional particle physics.
To put on a string; to file; as, to string beads.
a collection of objects threaded on a single strand
a necklace made by a stringing objects together; "a string of beads"; "a strand of pearls";
A string is a data type used in programming, such as an integer and floating ...
a common data type only somewhat less ubiquitious than an integer type
an intrinsic data type in REALbasic
noun - Any flexible linear object; can only exist in planespace or higher. Bionians write on strings of paper; trionians can tie strings into knots; in tetraspace, one string cannot block the path of another string. It is the analog of the sheet in realmspace and the swock in tetraspace.
string together; tie or fasten with a string; "string the package"
a collection of objects stored in contiguous memory locations
A series of three or more strikes.
A number of continuous strikes.
Electrical concept. A series-connection of identical PV modules. The current in a PV string is equal though each module, while the overall voltage of a string is the sum of the individual voltages of each module.
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Bikini A bikini panty with high cut leg line, thin string sides and full back coverage.
a narrow piece of cloth or leather that passes between the legs and is attached to a band around the hips, worn as a bikini bottom or as underwear
A fiber, as of a plant; a little, fibrous root.
The tough fibrous substance that unites the valves of the pericap of leguminous plants, and which is readily pulled off; as, the strings of beans.
To deprive of strings; to strip the strings from; as, to string beans. See String, n., 9.
a bunch of bytes that form together a piece of text
a chunk of text that's surrounded by quotes
a common name for text data
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an ode to sultry jazz
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a datum consisting of letters rather than numbers.
Nobody has any idea what this word means.
a collection of words and possibly numbers
a simple, single unit that can be as long as you would like
a veritable giant, and a single cell is unthinkably huge
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An entire length of coiled tubing, casing, tubing or drill pipe run into a well.
The entire length of casing, tubing, or drill pipe.
See Joint, Drill-string, Casing, etc. Any number of connected joints of tubulars run in the well.
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a list of vexils
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A cowboy's reserve horses used for remounts
Traverse. Cavers using this term should be publicly shamed.
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See Bowstring
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An inside range of ceiling planks, corresponding to the sheer strake on the outside and bolted to it.
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To make tense; to strengthen.
A thick, folded yarn made from jute, hemp, sisal, cotton or any strong fibre. String yarn is coarse mercerized yarn often used in the manufacture of gloves.
Wallpaper featuring string, silk or yarn bonded to a paper backing.
a finite concatenation of symbols from an alphabet
an element of , meaning that it is a grouping of symbols from one after another
an ordered list of symbols taken from the given set
A small, filamentous ramification of a metallic vein.
a sequentially ordered set of things or events or ideas in which each successive member is related to the preceding; "a string of islands"; "train of mourners"; "a train of thought"
a beautiful thing
A group of 10 shots fired and scored as a unit, as, for example, a rapid fire string, fired within a specified time and scored after the end of that time, rather than on a shot-by-shot basis.
A group of animals within a larger group, or herd.
An unplanned shopping area comprising a group of retail stores, often with similar or compatible product lines, located along a street or highway.
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The line from behind and over which the cue ball must be played after being out of play as by being pocketed or knocked off the table; -- called also string line.
a cello part, which can be played on the bass
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a little strange
The hitting surface of the racquet, made up of interlaced strings
The points made in a game.
In various games, competitions, etc., a certain number of turns at play, of rounds, etc.
One game of bowling, made up of 10 frames.
Bet In a live game, someone does a string bet if they act like they are going to call but then make a raise. For example, it is standard etiquette that putting the requisite chips for a call into the pot just means a call. If one wants to raise, he or she needs to announce raise before placing chips into the pot. They cannot say 'I call your bet...and raise you 'x.' They must say "I raise." String bets confuse players as to whether the player is calling or raising, so they are not allowed.
To form into a string or strings, as a substance which is stretched, or people who are moving along, etc.
stretch out or arrange like a string
A finishing material with a partially hardened film that stretches out to a thin thread when pulled instead of breaking.
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a kind of ConstList
a name for the kind of information Flash is dealing with in this case
a datatype we first used in our original examples to assign values to variables
a non-numeric value or variable
a variable, except it is not a number
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A strip, as of leather, by which the covers of a book are held together.
add as if on a string; "string these ideas together"; "string up these songs and you'll have a musical"
Two or more freight cars coupled together. Also a cut.
an operand for only one operation code, the print routine
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a theoretical construct in modern physics that is used to help explain the very fabric of the universe itself
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a projecting moulded band across a wall.
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To put in tune the strings of, as a stringed instrument, in order to play upon it.
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A nerve or tendon of an animal body.
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String manipulation functions
Several serially connected solar cells of a module .
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Act of stringing for break.
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a simple regular expression
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a better match if this cost is lower
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the supports for the steps.
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move or come along
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a case in point
a data structure that is common in programming languages
Same as Stringcourse.