Definitions for "Islands"
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Islands is an album by the band King Crimson, released in 1971.
Islands is the eighth album by Canadian-American rockers The Band, and the final studio album by the original members. It received mixed reviews, and is generally regarded as one of their weaker releases. Anchored by their 1976 cover of "Georgia On My Mind", recorded to aid Jimmy Carter in his bid for the White House, and surrounded by tracks dating to 1972, it was simply finished to get the group off of Capitol Records, so that the soundtrack to their film The Last Waltz could come out on Warner Bros.
Islands is a 1987 album written and mostly performed by Mike Oldfield. Guest singers on the album are Bonnie Tyler, Kevin Ayers, Anita Hegerland and Jim Price.
Islands Fine Burgers & Drinks (also known simply as Islands) is a casual dining restaurant chain founded in Southern California and specializing in gourmet hamburgers and specialty drinks, with a tropical theme.
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A formation at the extremes of the market when prices gap in the direction of the prior trend. Prices then stay there for one or more days, and then gaps in the opposite direction. Prices are thus surrounded by gaps that leave them isolated like an island.
A formation created at the end of a trend where prices gap away from the current trend, trade for two or more days at those levels, and then gap back in the opposite direction. This leaves an island of trading at the end of the trend. Commonly known as island reversals. Strong reversal indicator.
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the white parts of a stencil which, when cut out, are not attached to the main part of the stencil. these can be avoided by either planning the stencil to avoid white parts surrounded by black (or vice-versa) or cut out seperately and stuck on with contact paper.
separate, unconnected areas within the organisation
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pump islands typically have one or two MPDs.