Definitions for "Changes"
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Changes is a song by Black Sabbath. It first appeared on Black Sabbath, Vol. 4 which was released in 1972. It is a ballad about relationship loss, and is uncharacteristic of Black Sabbath's music.
Changes is the ninth studio album by The Monkees. The album was issued after Michael Nesmith's exit from the band, leaving only Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones to fulfill the recording contract they signed in the mid-1960s. Changes was their last new album for Colgems Records.
"Changes" was a single by David Bowie, taken from the album Hunky Dory. Despite missing the top 40 when issued as a single, "Changes" is one of Bowie’s best-known songs. The lyrics are often seen as a manifesto for Bowie and his chameleonic personality throughout the 1970s, and his frequent reinventions of his musical style.
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Jazz terminology for chords (e.g., the changes of a tune = the chords of tune); a tune's chord progression.
(1) The chords of a tune. 'Playing' or 'running' the changes means using suitable scales, etc., over each given chord of the tune. Determining the exact changes to use is a big part of preparing a tune for performance. (2) Rhythm Changes (q.v.) for short.
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once in a while GPO will reissue a page or a few pages of a document with updated information.
Clothing and costumes to be worn.
Outfits worn while performing.
The different bittings or tumbler arrangements in a series of locks.
A listing of any changes in the racing program. Includes scratches, overweights, equipment changes, etc.
An employee may make changes in the amount contributed or change companies by the payroll deadline of that month, usually the 10th of any month, by completing an "Authorization and Agreement" form. These forms are available in the Human Resources Office.
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Late alterations to the design add cost and cause delays.
Changes in ownership, business structure, size of operation, share, management practices, type of farming activity, accounting methods or any other practices that may alter average farm income.
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